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Show My Homework: A Web-based Service that Help you Manage Homework




Show My Homework is a simple web based service showing homework information, attachments and deadlines for pupils or students. It is used by teachers to create a calendar for students that shows when homework was issued and when is due.

Founded in 2011, Show My Homework strives to transform the way homework and technology are approached in schools. Today, Show My Homework is the leading online homework solution for teachers, students and parents used by 1400 schools around the globe.

Show My Homework provides faster and smarter way to help users manage homework; keep teachers, students, and parents engaged and happy in the homework process; set, track, and grade in a click, so they can get back to raising standards.

The Show My Homework works like this:

  • Teacher posts some homework, including information such as date/time and the recipient class
  • Students or pupils checks on a given URL to see the homework that has been assigned to their class.
  • Parents can also check the homework their children has been given, manage homework submission and view grades for past homework submissions.

Homework should never be a fight between a parent and a child. Show My Homework is designed with the busy parents in mind. It involves a parent in the homework process by equipping her/him with all the necessary details needed to help a child succeed. Using Show My Homework means that a parent can take a proactive role in his or her child home learning.

By logging in, parents can see just the homework relevant to their children.  They can then review submission times, view grades and communicate with teachers when necessary. Forgotten passwords are no longer an excuse – parents can access any homework set on the homework calendar without having to log in!

Gone are the days of lost homework sheet, missing and illegible instructions:

  • All homework details and instructions are accessible 24/7
  • Supervise from a distance: Stay in the loop without being invasive
  • Enjoy peace of mind and avoid dealing with late-night homework battles

The benefits of the software for parents are:

  • They  can see precisely how much homework has been set to students
  • It’s much easier to be involved in home learning.
  • Translation into 50+ languages.
  • Offer better communication through school announcements.

The website is primarily aimed at primary, secondary and colleges schools where homework is set in advance and is important to the ongoing education of the student.

There is also a Show My Homework for students and parents to use on their smartphones. Just visit your app store and look for “Show My Homework”. Sign in with your unique PIN number and you will be able to access homework details from your child’s school direct from your mobile device. When you use the mobile app, you will be receiving automatic due date reminders when you have homework which is about to be handed over.


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