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Siraya Tech’s Elegoo Resin – Best in 2024, Why?

Abdul Samee



Elegoo resins are designed to work best with Saturn and Elegoo Mars printers. However, when thinking about endeavoring the journey of resin printing, you have to think more past the color availability or price. Interestingly, elegoo has nine resins to choose from with specific properties and use cases, but all of them cure at the same wavelength of UV light and are compatible with other 3D printer brands. But don’t worry, this article will discuss much concerning elegoo resins which will help you make an upright decision. But first, let us consider the following facts;

When choosing resin, the most vital factor is curing wavelength; this is so because UV resin printers do not emit the same light. Though most fall between 385 and 405 nm, some manufacturers prefer to use higher or lower values depending on their goals. Wavelength is tied to the printer’s source of light, and it can never be changed. So, using 405 nm resin in a 365 nm printer will result in uncured parts. Note that all elegoo resins are meant to operate in the 355 – 410 nm range.

It is reported that UV resins are sensitive to ambient temperature and will not cure properly if it is too cold. If the room temperature is below the threshold the manufacturer shows concerning a specific resin, consider preheating the resin and use an actively heated enclosure. 

Some formulations are intended for use specifically with DLP printers, while others work best with LCD printers. However, SIRAYA tech’s elegoo resins are compatible with both LCD 3D printing and DLP printers, and they provide more details. 

Such resin includes ABS-like resin – fast; this resin has four main properties, making it quite popular among makers. The properties include;

  • It has isotropic properties, ensuring its mechanical properties are uniform in all directions. The characteristics make it ideal for users who aim for consistency in performance, regardless of part orientation. Isotropy ensures better reliability and predictability in the structural properties of components, making the resin particularly suitable for complex mechanical parts and engineering applications where material uniformity is essential.
  • ABS-like resin is famous for its remarkable impact resistance, making it better for applications that spearhead durability. The characteristics are essential in automotive and mechanical engineering industries, where components must withstand mechanical stress, shock, and vibration without compromising their structural integrity. 
  • ABS-like resin is ideal because it produces printouts with smooth surfaces, minimizing the need for post-processing; users who value refined aesthetics such as design models and exposed components find ABS-like resin crucial for the application. The smooth finish improves appearance and positively influences the aerodynamic properties of parts. 
  • It offers good dimensional accuracy, which is essential for parts requiring tight tolerances and accurate measurements. This feature is particularly useful in an industry like automotive, where precision is paramount. 

All these four properties show that ABS-like resin is an excellent choice for users who value high-quality resin with superior mechanical properties, ideal for various applications like electronic components and household appliances, industrial and mechanical applications, the automotive industry, and injection molding replacement. Its versatility and advanced features make it an ideal option for various industries, as its strength, precision, and durability. Visit the SIRAYA tech website to learn the material’s properties and specifications; as a manufacturer and seller of various printing resins, we take pride in providing quality products and reliable and better customer service. This is what distinguishes us from other companies. Come and place your order while the stock lasts. 


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