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Smart Court (Sports) Market Demand & Future Scope Including Top Players

Smart court (sports) can be defined as a cloud-based sports video and analytics platform technology which enables live streaming, detailed statistics about shots played, line calling, and instant multi-angle video replays. The major requirement of a smart court is an interactive touch-screen kiosk, along with automated HD cameras.

Smart court (sports) technology is majorly used in indoor games which capture type, ball trajectory, speed, spin, and player movement by applying advanced image processing and analytical algorithms. Games within which smart court (sports) technology can be implemented are tennis, basketball, badminton, table tennis, and more.

Increasing Number of Sports Events

Across the globe, the number of sports events as well as audience engagement in sports has increased. This has led to increase in adoption of smart technologies in sports events. Smart court enables a better analytical platform as well as accurate analysis of the sports event. The focus on enhancing the performance of sportspersons is driving the growth of the smart court (sports) market.

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Significant Improvement in Audience Engagement

Audience engagement in live sports has increased with the rise in personal disposable income. The smart court (sports) has enabled a better viewing experience to the audience as it has automated HD cameras which gives a realistic experience while viewing the event. Audience preference is also shifting toward high quality viewing experiences which is driving the demand for smart court (sports).

Capital Cost Concern Restricting the Growth of the Market

Large Initial Investment and Budget Constraints

The initial capital investment to renovate a normal sports court into a smart court is comparatively high. The cost includes the cost of sensors, HD cameras, kiosk, and digital touch screens. Modern technology instruments increases the cost of deployment and maintenance of smart courts (sports). Despite the technology offering multiple advantages, cost is the major restraining factor of the smart court (sports) market.


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