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Smart Home Technology – What Are Your Options Now?

Hillary Cyril



Smart Home

Smart Home Technology is the combination of many previously existing technologies that have been improved to make life easier for homeowners. Home automation is basically the automation of home features, such as controlling lighting, climate, security systems, and other appliances. It can also include enhanced home security including motion detection and alarm systems as well. These features are already available in many homes today.

Remote access is one aspect of smart home technology that is gaining popularity. With this capability, family members can perform a wide range of activities at their leisure, without needing to get up from where they are sitting or reaching for remote control. For example, a door opener can be used to open a door when you are not home; or a window shade can be opened or closed remotely from anywhere in the house. A home security system can also be controlled via a wireless connection from a laptop, smartphone, tablet PC, or other devices. This can be used to protect your home against burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, or any other emergency situation.

Another aspect of smart home technology is lighting control. Nowadays, new bulbs and fixtures are becoming more energy-efficient and provide better color accuracy and brightness. New devices that control lighting can be installed easily and provide several options for controlling the intensity of lights, resulting in more time to perform other activities and not just looking at the television. For instance, some smart devices can turn lights on if they are dimmed, or allow users to dim lights in specific areas.


Safety is another key feature of smart home technology. Many new devices and systems tend to provide extra safety measures in case of emergencies. For example, new wireless alarm systems tend to have an emergency channel that allows owners to connect to authorities in case of an emergency. In addition, smart devices and systems tend to have easy-to-use instructions that make them very easy to install and utilize by the average homeowner.

One area where smart home technology is taking over is with hardwired systems. Although these systems provide plenty of functionality, most simply aren’t designed well enough to be connected to smart lighting or other advanced technologies. Many old, hardwired systems don’t have the ability to handle anything aside from basic lighting. As a result, many modern systems are being developed as wireless solutions. These wireless solutions are able to handle a lot more functionality and provide improved ease of use for the average homeowner.

Finally, one type of smart home technology that is being tested is the use of a voice activation device for home automation. Basically, a device such as this would allow you to activate certain items when you walk into a room. For example, it might allow you to activate the bedroom lights if you were awake, or the garage door if you were already outside. This type of intelligent device is still being developed but seems to be headed in an excellent direction. With all of these new advances in technology hopefully, we’ll see a lot more improvements in the years to come.

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