Smartphone Health: Apple has Launched CareKit on GitHub

Last week, Apple made its CareKit accessible via the GitHub open source community.

Now, CareKit has joined two other earlier released Apple frameworks aimed at developing healthcare applications: ResearchKit and HealthKit. It was designed to facilitate creation of apps that provide users with more active role in management of their health,

Apps that will be created through CareKit will enable people to track medications and symptoms, and share that information with their medics to get clear picture of their health. The new CareKit can be added to existing apps to assist users to monitor their symptoms, to remember when to take medicines and what to expect in the long run

Apple Inc., a company that leads in creativity and innovation, prides itself as company that put its clients first in term of product and data protection.

The four apps that are using the CareKit framework are: Glow Nurture, a tracker that allows expecting mothers to log activity and see what to expect in the course of pregnancy; Glow Baby, an app that come to help mothers keep tabs on infant growth and feeding schedules; Glow baby, an app that helps in diabetes management by logging food, glucose and meds, and utilize Bluetooth to  monitor blood glucose; and Iodine’s Start,  an app that does not only help in  depression management but also checking the sides effects of medication  and effectiveness of medications.

According Jennifer Tye, vice president of marketing and partnerships for Glow, Apple’s efforts toward good consumer health is going to change with the coming of CareKit. It will change methods of developing healthcare apps and even makes it easier for non-developers to create apps.

“For people  who do not have sophisticated tools that developers always have, CareKit  will get you far and fast with its basic building blocks ,” said  Jeff Dachis,  president of  One Drop.

“This is a giant step in assisting organizations to come up with more mobile and digital health apps,” he added.

Apps developed through CareKit will empower people and help them to take control over their healthcare. It is a greater movement to help consumers get their health information. Armed with that information, users are able to connect with people that can take care of them and take action.

CareKit will enable users to compile the type of daily data that otherwise is not accessible to medical professionals.

Patients will not be only beneficiaries when they have their own data. According to Jay L. Alberts, manager of the Cleveland Clinic Concussion Center, collection of information and data allow the physician to spend more time on practice medicine.

Though many health apps will be developed through CareKit, the   real advantage of the framework lies in developing apps that connect with larger healthcare systems.

The responsibility of keeping health data safe now lays on the shoulder of the developer of the app, consequently, they should anonymize any gathered data on its server. They are also prohibited form sharing  it with other people for marketing or mining purposes.


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