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Software Development Technology Strategy for iPhones and Other iOS Apps

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



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Software Development Technology has had a revolution in the last decade. Globalization has impelled many start-ups, medium and small enterprises (SMEs), and established companies to stretch their arms and consider new and innovative methods and practices for software development. That being said, the software development industry has its own unique set of priorities to consider for any given project. Thus, it is essential for any company to carefully determine which of the following is most applicable for its current requirements:

In order to effectively utilize the benefits of new technologies, any software development workplace needs to have its own strategic plan. In order to determine the most appropriate technological approach, companies need to first look at what kind of technologies are available today and how those technologies can be applied to the existing work environment. For instance, the most popular technologies are those based on the open source platform. There are numerous open source technologies that can greatly assist a company’s IT department in developing new products, services, and processes.

One way of assessing a company’s requirement strength is through the utilization of the Software Development Technology strategy. This includes a complete assessment of the existing software requirements definition. A comprehensive Software Development Technology strategy will take into account the type of technologies that can easily be integrated into the company’s system and which can not. The strategy will also take into consideration the company’s overall business objectives and current competitive environment. Once this information is gathered, a more defined Software Development Technology strategy can then be developed to address these requirements.


Another way of assessing a company’s requirement strength is through the software development lifecycle technology landscape. This software development landscape is comprised of the various technology stacks that are necessary for a software project from conception to end. These include platform, desktop application, server-side programming, database, user interface, web services, and multimedia. The landscape will first evaluate the current state-of-the-art technologies in use in the industry. Then, it will review the various software development lifecycle products available and their estimated lifetimes.

The Software Development Technology strategy will then need to gather a more accurate picture of the software requirements definition and compare it with the current technologies in use. If the two are not very similar, the QCD might have to be adjusted slightly to reflect the specifications that are currently in use. This could be achieved by adding, removing, changing, or altogether getting rid of any obsolete or unneeded components.

In addition, the Software Development Technology will need to make sure that it fully accounts for the future of big data analytics. As the number of industries continue to grow, developers and testers will need additional ways to extract value from the huge amounts of data that is created every minute of every day. Data visualization tools, data mining technologies, and big data analytics are all topics that will be reviewed and analyzed in detail. It is important for these developers and testers to be skilled and well-versed in the big data tools that are being used by the industry verticals they are testing and profiling.

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