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Soup Is The Song Of The Hearth… And Now The Supermarkets!

Angelica Gonzalez



Tokinomo, an in-store, interactive, brand activation POS/POP display startup, partnered with Nestle’s MAGGI last month to create a series of sensor-controlled singing soup pots that have gone viral with nearly one million views on Facebook. 

Nestle Bolivia approached Tokinomo with the ambition to create an out-of-the-box brand activation for Maggi soups. Both parties cooked up a clever yet classical-themed idea where soup pots sing traditional Italian classics to unexpected shoppers. 

Tokinomo uses a sensor-controlled mechanism that lifts the lid of the pot in sync with the music to mimic the pots singing with a fire effect from lamps under the pot. Tokinomo’s interactive brand activation displays are award-winning POSM solutions that bring products to life on supermarket shelves, just as if it’s a scene from Beauty and the Beast.

Tokinomo’s displays standardly sit on the shelf behind FMCG/grocery products and use motion sensors to detect the shoppers’ presence and enable products to talk, sing, move or dance to their delight. The creative possibilities are endless as products become center stage – with the shelves turning into broadway stages and products becoming artists – ready to capture the imagination of the shoppers!

Creative campaigns such as MAGGI’s singing soups not only engage with customers on the ground, but unlike traditional in-store marketing solutions such as cardboard displays, promotions, dump bins, and end caps which usually have a 15% – 30% sales lift on average, Tokinomo can generate sales uplift by around 200% without any price cuts.

With over 800,000 views since August 2021, creative brand activations such as MAGGI singing soup help sales and can also push brand awareness through social channels.

Maria Fernanda Ugalde, Senior Category Marketing Manager at Nestlé, said this:

Since the pandemic hit, we knew many consumers were nervous and worried when shopping. Times have been challenging, so we wanted to give shoppers something to laugh and smile about while helping retailers sell more of MAGGI’s products. We’re thrilled with the engagement this campaign has created both on and offline and our partnership with Tokinomo. The campaign also added a little touch of magic to the brand and a 200% sales lift in selected stores.

About Tokinomo

Tokinomo is a global award-winning in-store, interactive, brand activation POSM startup. Their patented robotic solution for supermarket shelf advertising and POP marketing uses sensor technology with a combination of sound, motion, and light to bring products to life at the shelf and allow them to talk, move, sing or dance in front of the shoppers. Each brand activation POSM solution is connected to the internet and managed remotely via a cloud-based platform. CPG brands worldwide use the Tokinomo robotic advertising in-store solution with sales lifts of +200% on average.

Nestle’s MAGGI And Tokinomo Team Up To Create Musical Sensor Controlled Singing Soup Pots That Drove Over 200% Increase In Sales Lift.

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