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Specskraft partners with Sysfore Technologies to make eye-wear shopping clearer.

Specskraft is a website developed on Magento in partnership with Sysfore technologies to accessorize millennials with ultra-high quality, fashion-forward prescription eyewear. The new venture is in the race to be the country’s best eyewear boutique by 2020.




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11/12/2017, Bangalore: Last week saw the launch of Specskraft, a revolutionary online destination for brilliant eyewear. The minimalist site features some nifty new eyewear designs at very accessible prices. Celebrating their launch, they’re running an introductory offer of a ‘free first frame’ for all new shoppers.

The project is the brainchild of the husband-wife duo of Sam & Vineetha Chandy, both of whom quit their plush corporate jobs to join their family business, a 30-year-old traditional optical retail chain.

SPECSKRAFT is an exclusive online store for Ultra-High-Quality, Fashion-Forward Prescription Eyewear. With our unbeatable pricing, we aim to convert Prescription Eyewear purchase from an Overpriced Necessity to a Must-Have Fashion Accessory” says Sam Chandy, CEO & Co-Founder at

With our unbeatable pricing, we aim to convert Prescription Eyewear purchase from an Overpriced Necessity to a Must-Have Fashion Accessory

-Sam Chandy

CEO & Co-Founder at

Specskraft has been developed in partnership with Sysfore Technologies, a leading cloud solution provider enterprise based out of Bangalore, to help reinvent the way how eyewear is sold online. As Ajith George, Director of technology at Sysfore puts it, “The website is designed on the Magento commerce platform. It’s the best e-commerce software for enterprises and fast-growing online businesses as it is extremely customizable and scalable. On the front end, our emphasis has been to ensure that Specskraft website is responsive, quick loading and has a simple, clear and uncluttered UI which enhances the user experience without compromising on the key security aspect required for any online business application.

When we asked the Sam Chandy on how the business works, he had a very interesting answer, “We’ve circumvented traditional distribution channels, handpicked some great quality fashion-forward eyewear and made it available to you at amazing prices. On the technology front, our vision is built on how consumers buy offline. In the coming months, we’re working with Sysfore to replicate a lot of those processes online. Expect more unique features from us soon!”.

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