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Staking method in Atomic Coin Called Atomic Coin POS Mining House




Q: What can you tell us about your currency?

A: Atomic Coin is a Decentralized Coin no one handle decentralized coin, we are just support and maintainer of its development we also don’t
control coins. like bitcoin in 2009 when bitcoin start bitcoin also on very lowest price but with the passage of time bitcoin rise and make its
price great like this Atomic coin also is in very lowest price on these days.

we hope Atomic coin make a good position in market in future

Q: What type of services exist or can we expect in the future?”

A: Atomic coin already added in upto 10 Exchanges and 2 online stores we also introduced online staking method in Atomic Coin Called Atomic Coin POS Mining House where user can get 1.5% Weekly interest on Atomic coin staking. we also working on releasing some other services in Atomic Coin.

Q: Are you targeting the consumer or Business Market? If so, how does the business model work?

A: As we mention in first its a decentralized crypto currency so any one can start marketing or make model work. For example: you can buy maximum coins in market and than you can start marketing because you are big holder of coin.

Q: How does the competition compare?

A: That is good Question today’s in crypto market hundreds of coins launched but i advised the people to study about specifications of coins
before investing in any coin.

Q: The market has many players, what differentiates you?”

A: Atomic Coin is best Coin in terms of staking like if you hold coins you get upto 8.3% Approx every month. and its have no premined coin by developers or also have low supply than other coins which have pos mining like this.

Q: could you tell us more about your achievements in this?”

A: When Atomic coin launched its price is on 10 to 20 satoshi now its price is on upto 500 Satoshi in 6 months.

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