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Study Medicine in the USA, Smart Route to MD or MBBS in America by Dr. Mohamed Aswad

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Dr. Mohamed Aswad


Many aspiring doctors across the globe. It’s a dream for many to become a doctor in the USA. They usually intend to do is study to the max, and get good marks on school exams. Pass different entrance tests that are required to enter, said Dr. Mohamed Aswad.

The top medical school in America

Make an application to top medical schools in America and then await the news that is good. That’s the normal way, and this is the method that millions of students take in order to secure a spot at MD within America. It’s no secret that the chance to pursue an MD in the USA is an opportunity. Medical qualifications are one such qualification.

Dr. Mohamed Aswad explains medical professionals can take their careers to the next level. It is highly respected and appreciated around the world. It is, after all, a matter of Medical education and training in America. Sets the standard for the world of medical research.

Study medicine in the USA

This isn’t a great experience. Because medical seats in the USA are restricted. A handful of students are chosen and given the opportunity to pursue medical training in America but the dreams of others are destroyed. Additionally, the rate of acceptance of international students has been extremely low. This isn’t a pleasant fact, but it’s true.

Smart Route to Study Medicine in the USA

If you’d want to pursue or receive medical education in the US. There’s not only one route to take. In this article, Dr. Mohamed Aswad will provide you with the entire procedure to realize your dream of studying medical school in America. Obtaining residence in the US and being eligible to be licensed to practice medicine not just within the US but also in other countries around the world.

Start MBBS in the USA

Step 1: Apply to A Well-Recognized Medical University in the Caribbean

In addition to applying to medical schools in the US. You must also be able to apply for admission into an MD Program in a Caribbean Medical University that meets these criteria:
A majority of Caribbean Medical Universities offer a five or six-year MD Program divided into three stages: The pre-Medical Program and the Fundamental Sciences Program, and Clinical Rotations Program. If the medical school is accredited through ECFMG, the MD Program of the University is recognized in the US.

Furthermore, USMLE is a three-step exam for medical licensure in the United States. If your medical school provides USMLE Training. It means you could get USMLE Step-1 as well as Step-2 with your MD program. It increases the chances of obtaining the clinical training and residency you need at a residency in the US.

Caribbean medical schools

There are only a handful of Caribbean medical schools that provide USMLE training and the chance to pursue clinic training within the US. If you’re a student of medicine within one of the medical schools. You are able to complete the Pre-Medical as well as Basic Sciences Program in the Caribbean and then be eligible for USMLE Step-1 and USMLE Step-2. During the program and traveled to the US to undergo clinical training as part of the Clinical Rotations Program.

Lincoln American University, School of Medicine (LAU) is an accredited medical school in Guyana, South America. LAU is accredited by ECFMG and is also associated with American Clinical Experience (ACE MD) to allow medical rotations in the US.

Lincoln American University has collaborated with Kaplan Medical (Kaplan). The leading service provider for USMLE preparation services to assist its pupils to prepare for their US medical licensing exam. All LAU students are granted access to Kaplan’s special USMLE preparation Program, which includes the following features:

Step 2: Apply for Clinical Training in the US

Dr. Mohamed Aswad explains that in the Caribbean, you are able to complete the Pre-Medical and Basic Sciences phases in the MD Program. In the third phase of the Program, i.e., Clinical Rotations you are able to request clinical education in the US.

Although it isn’t required to take USMLE Step 1 as well as Step 2 in order to receive medical training in the US. However, it is highly recommended to be able to pass at minimum Step 1 in the USMLE prior to the time you apply for clinical training at the US. If you have USMLE Step 1 qualify your presentation and application. You will receive more weight when compared to those who haven’t completed any of the steps of the USMLE.

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