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Successful trends and prospects of the Moldovan economy adjusted to EU norms and introduction of Blockchain Technology

Moldova’s European integration is not only the number one priority of the domestic and foreign policy of the country, but also represents a major driving force for the economic and social cohesion of the state. Therefore, at the end of November 2016, a major international conference “EUREM 2016 ‘ will be held in Chișinău.

The event will highlight many aspects of Moldova’s integration in the European family. Major achievements will be noted, but there will be an emphasis of the many benefits that can be derived from this process.

Discussions and workshops run on the 24th and 25th of November will allow delegates to examine and form an understanding of, best practices for solving various problems in the European Union. Specific issues will be addressed and suggestions fielded. The roles of government, academia and civil society will be discussed in the context of relevant technology, especially blockchain and digital identity.

On the 24th and 25th Lee GIBSON GRANT, Drachmae Project: will be introducing workshops and Hackathon around Blockchain

PLENARY SESSION(room 303)   Moderator: Dr.Rodica CRUDU, assoc. prof.,EUREM academic coordinator, ASEM

  • EU’s future after Brexit:
    • Denis CENUȘA. Info-Prim Neo News Agency, Expert-Grup
  • 70 Years of European Economic Integration – Recent Evolutions, Perspectives and Challenges:
    • Ion PARTACHI, Univ. Prof. Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova; Ph.D.
    • Andrei RADULESCU, Senior Economist Banca Transilvania, Scientific Researcher, Institute for World Economy, Romanian Academy.
  • Moldova Systematic Country Diagnostic: Republic of Moldova
    • Marcel CHISTRUGA, PhD., economist, World Bank Moldova
  • What is Blockchain and the latest innovation in the global markets
    • Lee Gibson GRANT, Drachmae Project

During the day Lee Gibson Grant will also lead two workshops exploring blockchain that will last 90 minutes each. The target audience is Regulators, Lawyers, Central Bank Representatives, Ministry of Finance Representatives, Law Enforcement (Crime and Fraud) Representatives, professionals and civil society representatives interested in the topic.

WORKSHOP 1: Blockchain: look through transparency as an enabler of better regulatory compliance with European and global practice.

Moderated by Pieter van Ysseldijk, Drachmae Project Contributor

WORKSHOP 2: Central Bank Cryptocurrency and how it affects the financial ecosystem.

Moderated by Lee Gibson Grant

On the 25th of November, Lee Gibson Grant also introduces the 1st Moldovan Blockchain Hackathon, with the following use cases using the NXT Blockchain and Api’s.

  • Digital Identity
  • E-Governance
  • Financial inclusion
  • Economic stimulation

The event will have 3 judges:

  • Veaceslav Cunev, president of Moldovan Association of private IT Companies
  • Marc Pilkington, director of Moldova Tours 2.0
  • Pieter van Ysseldijk, Drachmae Project Contributor

The larger question at hand is whether blockchain use cases in Moldova are applicable, with some existing proposals that have been put together.

Is Moldova ready for Blockchain technology with its current regulatory regime?

The event will take place at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. Guests of honor include:

1. Pirkka Tapiola, EU Ambassador to Moldova

2. Mr. Octavian CALMÂC, Minister of Economy

3. Ms. Daniela MORARI, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration

4. Grogore Belostecinic, Recotr of ASEM

On November 24, Denis CENUSA, a political scientist, will talk about future of the European Union after BREXIT. On the same day, several experts from Moldova, Romania, and the United States, will talk about modern methods of the economy in the community, or how we can reach a higher level of competitiveness by subsidizing agricultural enterprises in Moldova.

November 25 will be a day full of new and interesting topics. They will be framed in the practical implementation of the Moldova Association Agreement, between our country and the European Union, relating to the application of Directive 2006/43 / EC. Expert Ruslan Harea will talk about the grant, which is a source of funding for NGOs in the regulatory space. Also on November 25 we will focus on the evolution of quality assurance in education at higher technical and vocational education institutions in the context of Moldova’s European integration.

Lee Grant
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