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SwimVoiceCoach – Audio guided swim trainings to enhance your swim level!




Have you ever swum with a waterproof mp3 player before? SwimVoiceCoach uses the technology of underwater mp3 player to take e swim training to a whole new level!

SwimVoiceCoach is a web service,  which allows users to create personalized audio swim trainings combining their favorite music with audio instructions in-between.

The swimmer not only gets swimming instructions to stay motivated over the long haul, but also gets regular audio cues providing him with information regarding his pace, distance and time. With SwimVoiceCoach the athlete stays fully focused during  swim trainings!

He also swims at the right pace during his training and does not start off too fast or  slow down during the training.

SwimVoiceCoach provides the athlete with a lot of variety in his training. The athlete will no longer have to swim the same training over and over again.

The athlete’s favorite music keeps him motivated and helps him power through his training.

SwimVoiceCoach is a great tool for solo trainings! It makes time fly by in the pool.

The swimmer never has to worry about pace or keeping track of laps and can now focus on achieving his best performance while listening to his favorite tunes!

Changes happen all the time and SwimVoiceCoach will be part of the revolution in swim training. It’s ‘Just listen and swim’.





Watch our short video above to see how it works.

For More information about the product, visit

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