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Sybenetix: A company that Improves Performance and Management




Sybenetix is a top Enterprise Behavioral Analytics firm working with banks, hedge funds and asset managers to systematically enhance investment performance and improve management at company-wide, team and individual level.

Sybenetix was founded in 2011 by Taras Chaban, Mark Hunt, and Wendy Jephson. It is used by customers in the US, UK, Asia, and Switzerland.

The company has created two platforms: Compass and Edge. Investment teams use Sybenetix Edge to improve timing, success rates, stock selection and capital allocation. Compliance teams work with Sybenetix Compass to analyze all trades and unusual behavior, automatically detecting and investigating suspicious activities. Institutions use one System to improve skill behind performance and manage risk more effectively.

Sybenetix Compass work with behavioral algorithms to analyze how investment experts make decisions, using various sources of data to create unique behavioral profiles. These profiles are then used to detect unusual behavior with a high degree of accuracy when there is a suspicious activity.  The system detects and investigates potential misconduct smarter and faster. This saves money and time for compliance.

When asked the challenges they wanted to overcome when creating Sybenetix Edge, Taras Chaban said that: “With actively managed funds under scrutiny, the investments professionals’ ability to perform well is very important. But without behavioral data, investments experts depend on faulty concepts of intuition, past performance, and talent in trying to examine the skill in delivering performance.”  He added, “Therefore, Cybernetic Edge offers thorough, faster and unparalleled insight and behavior management tools required to know where Alpha performance exists and boost capital allocation, stock selection, timing and success rates.”

Sybenetix’s team of technology, finance, behavior experts has been recognized through several awards for its EBA technology, behavioral insight and business outcomes for customers. Last year, the company was selected for the 2015 FinTech50 list.

The company comprises world-leading specialists in the fields of computing, financial performance, conduct management and behavioral science. Together, they pioneer the development of Enterprise Behavioral Analytics.

Enterprise Behavioral Analytics is an advance analytics that automates the collection and analysis of data relating to group and   individual behavior, including the role of behavioral bias, conduct management, and decision-making skill. EBA uses analytical and scientific techniques, including advanced algorithms, to offer the insight required for systematic measurement, management and monitoring of behavior and its effect on the enterprise’s culture and operation.

Recently, a leading UK-based fund manager Artemis agreed on a deal for Sybenetix’s market abuse investigation, conduct management, and case management system. The system is intended specifically for the buy-side to provide greater transparency and competitiveness in meeting new regulatory requirements.

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