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My name is Roman Mogylnyi and I would like to present my company NeoCortext and its first Business to Customer (B2C) product- the iOS application Tagency.

In 2012 NeoCortext decided to start working with artificial neural networks. We spent this entire time researching and developing algorithms, discovering scientific approaches and searching for different spheres to use them in. It was also important for us to become confident in the quality of our system, so in the summer of 2016 we began testing our object detection system, which was capable of being used in all of our products.

While developing our more complicated and time-consuming projects, we decided to create a product based on the current system. We wanted it to be both easily understandable and usable on a potentially massive scale. What could we create using our object detection system that would be most beneficial in ones’ everyday activity? We spent a great deal of time thinking about the possibilities, and finally concluded that hashtags were the answer. This is how the idea of Tagency was created.

If you have ever put hashtags in your posts, you might have had 3 problems related to the process. First of all, it takes time to type them out. Secondly, you need to create hashtags that are relevant to your post. Finally, creating large numbers of relevant hashtags can be difficult.  Our easy to use product can solve all these problems.

Tagency is an iOS app for generating relevant hashtags for your images before you post them to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The app works much like the human brain, using artificial neural networks to analyze the images and create relevant hashtags for each of them. It is common knowledge that the more relevant hashtags you have associated with your images, the easier you and your images will be discovered and the more views your profile will have. How does our app work? You upload or take a photo and press the button to generate the hashtags. Next, you could select the individual hashtags from those Tagancy has created for you or alternatively, all of them will automatically be selected. Then, pressing the share button copies the hashtags and lets you post the image to every social network or messenger available on your iPhone. Finally, all you need to do is paste, then post.

We launched two versions of the app:

Tagency – free, generating 15 hashtags for the image.

Tagency Pro –  $1.99, generating 30 hashtags and no advertising.

Currently, in the AppStore, there are no applications that have the ability to analyze images and generate hashtags like Tagency does. The available and comparable applications are simply using hashtag banks, which only give you a list of hashtags without analyzing the image.

Presently, we are finishing up and planning to submit the app on PlayMarket for Android. In addition, we are working on creating hashtag catalogues, video detection and geolocation support. Tagency hashtags are currently only available in English, but we are also working on having them translated into other languages.

In summation, NeoCortext has taken the first step in using artificial neural networks to create a simple, but useful application that is available for everyone. We hope you will enjoy it.

We are planning on launching several other products in the nearest future and will continue to keep you informed.

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