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TCB RECORDS made the Bold decision

Priya S



TCB RECORDS made the Bold decision 20 yrs ago to NOT stop releasing CDs (compact discs) and vinyl albums! The label says this idea was the brainchild of their CEO “Will Profit” We contacted Mr.Profit for comment and he had this to say “I do not consider this decision to be bold” TCB RECORDS? Has always been willing to be considered a little different. This is not something we try to do it seems to come naturally…but this is due mostly in part to our great roster of artists! Let me take this opportunity to offer a bit of History…so back in the summer of the late 90s our industry changed.

The Bell was rung when a company called Napster created software “that, in the beginning, hurt us” as an industry (because they allowed the artist’s music to be acquired without having to purchase it) this was a huge blow to the artists and the record labels like TCB that represent the artist! Now we saw something great happen in late 01 Apple and Mr. Steve Jobs created the iPod! A device that allowed fans to download music, and “downloading music” was born! But, we lost that tangibility factor of a consumer purchasing our product and the customary process whereby they purchase and get something in their hands they can hold! Buying a CD, cassette tape, or vinyl album gave them that experience.

As this was happening, along the line STREAMING was born, and downloading music was the latest victim of the technology the industry was dealt another blow whereas the tangibility part of our business was obliterated because now the fan doesn’t have to buy the music or even purchase a download all they have to do today is pay a monthly subscription and that gets them access to all the music they could ever want! I do understand this is just part of the ever-growing world of technology and the role it plays in our industry…I understand this must happen for our industry to grow and stay relevant…so as a Stewart in the industry, I decided to give our artists the option to realize additional success & growth in their careers. Recently others like (Universal Music Group and Columbia Records) along with their artists (Taylor Swift, and Billy Joel) and others like (Dolly Parton, and Rolling Stones) have decided to follow suit releasing CDs and vinyl-only copies of their new music, and news reports of a growing number of fans lined up at stores today for Record Store Day #recordstoreday2023 to purchase CDs and vinyl of these artists albums.

It is apparent TCB RECORDS was on the right track and is ahead of the curve! Also, worth noting the company is celebrating a milestone anniversary this year.

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