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Tech Equipment for Productive Remote Working

Adriaan Brits



The development of E-commerce and the Covid-19 Pandemic has completely shifted the way in which people operate their businesses, as remote work is beginning to become more standardized. It has been reported that 25%-30% of employees in the U.S will work from home for one more day a week even after the pandemic. The amount of people working from home has risen by 159% since 2009, and it seems as though this will grow.

Now that remote work is more standardized, it is important to ensure your home is well equipped with the best supplies and technology to drive and promote productivity. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean that work-life should change in any way. 

Remote work means that equipment such as good quality printers is an essential product to have at home. Owning a printer also means taking care of various expenses that relate to it such as ink cartridges and servicing costs, all of which need to be evaluated to ensure you have the best and most useful product on your hands. 

Why Printing Is Important For a Remote Office 

While the business world has shifted to a digital landscape and working online is the priority, carrying out tasks in the physical realm is still important. Printers are more than ever relevant, even for home offices

Documents that are highly important for a business always need to be printed, as a physical copy might be necessary and it provides a backup should something happen to the digital version. 

Furthermore, depending on your business, you may need to print posters and brochures regularly, and if there is no office printer to use, you will have to utilize what you have in your very own home. If what you need printed needs to be the best quality, the best printers and ink should be mandatory for you. 

Where to Find Good Quality Printers Online

Keeping with the theme of doing business online, digital stores offer some of the best deals when it comes to printers and ink cartridges and it is a simple and convenient way to purchase the equipment. CartirdgeSave is a leading online supplier of printer and ink cartridges, selling a variety of brands such as Canon. 

Both Canon printers and Canon ink are available on their online store, so you will be able to easily browse for the products that your work requires. 

Deciding on The Best Printer For Your Home Office

Productivity at home is vital, which is why you can pick and select from a whole range of printers online to see what will best suit your working needs. 

Should your business require you to print crisp and clear images and posters, choosing one of the Canon ImagePROGRAF printers could be the best option, as these printers are built to print the best quality that is key for professionality.  

If your printing needs are more for documents that need to be constantly printed, choosing a Canon CP printer could lead to more products, as it can print large volumes and certain CP printers have wi-fi features, allowing you to connect many different devices. 

Managing Additional Printing Costs 

Printing costs might be overlooked by businesses, but they can add up fairly quickly and put a dent in your overall expenses. Depending on the volume of printing, ink cartridges run out quickly and need to be constantly replaced, which will significantly increase overall costs for your home office each month. 

When it comes to brands such as Canon, they have a range of printers that use different ink cartridges, so compatibility needs to be checked before you make any purchases. 

If original Canon ink cartridges are too expensive for your home office, you can also purchase compatible cartridges, ink cartridges charged a lower price, which is not produced by the original printing brand. These cartridges aim to be reliable and high in quality at a more affordable price. 

The CartridgeSave website has a list of the best-selling Canon ink cartridges, with the Compatible Canon PGI-570XL High capacity cartridge being one of the top ones. You can also compare prices with the original Canon cartridges. 

Final Takeaway 

Productivity is just as important, whether you are working in an office or from home. With the rising trend of remote working, it is important to be equipped with some of the crucial office essentials such as printers and ink cartridges. 

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