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Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




Technology is always changing and evolving. In a society that relies so much on computers, it is only natural that the industry that handles technology also evolves with it. As a writer of technology articles, I am constantly looking for new ways to inform, inspire, and keep my readers well-informed about the exciting world of technology. Sometimes I like to draw on personal experiences or situations that I have found myself in. In this article, I will share with you a little bit about how technology has impacted me personally. It may be worth revisiting some of these points as a way of inspiring others to embrace the digital technology around them and to use it to make themselves better people.

When I was a teenager I used to spend hours at a time at the local computer game store. My friends and I would spend many an hour playing old games that were emulated but never quite right. My gaming skills are relatively poor even now, but I will still occasionally play online games that allow a more realistic display of graphics and other features that are simply not available with older models. I am always drawn to new technology because I find it exciting and different.

Computers have become a critical part of our lives since they were first introduced to the public. There was a time when a personal computer meant something a bit more than an old-fashioned machine that worked with an answering machine. People expected something that could take them through everyday life and give them access to information and entertainment. Those were not the usual PCs of the time that we see today.

Tech Article

The demand for computer technology was so great that companies started to realize that they needed a highly trained workforce in order to keep up with the competition. Many of the first computers were complex and had a whole operating system to them. This created a problem for those trying to get into the field as they had to know how to use the operating system and all of the hardware and software in order to even attempt to get a job. Basic knowledge of computers was considered a basic skill that was needed in order to break into the field.

Technology articles now cover almost every area of human endeavor. From clothing to books to automobiles we can now use technology in every aspect of life. While there are some questionable uses for technology in our society today, this is changing rapidly as people realize that they can make a difference by using such things as computers, cell phones, and other electronics.

Technology is also changing the way we do business. We now take our chances on e-mail when sending out information to the world. We also send ourselves links to various websites so that we can read more about what we are getting ourselves into. There are probably many more uses for technology in the future. This article only scratches the surface so I encourage you all to go read other articles that discuss the topic of “The Future of Technology”.

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