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Technology Blog News is a site run by AOL Media. The site brings news of the latest technology to light through various blogs. One can find many such blogs covering a range of categories such as gadgets, computers, music, health, home, and so on. The blogs are updated daily and thus one is able to keep up with the most happening technological trends. The sites are generally categorized into sections for easy navigation.

The main page of the Technology Blog News site has listings of the most recent blogs as well as the archives of past ones. One can subscribe to a particular blog via an email or RSS feed. The Archives section contains a list of all past Tech Blogs published on the site. A unique feature of the site is the interactive forum wherein blogs from major industry players are discussed in a laid-back manner. It is also possible to comment on the posts.

A number of videos are also available on the Technology Blog News site which shows demonstrations of the products and software in action. This adds to the credibility of the blog and helps it gain more trust from the viewer. Some video tutorials are even available for download.


One of the most popular features of the blog is the FAQ page. This FAQ page answers frequently asked questions such as, what is a blog? How does it differ from a website? Is it free of cost? These and more are some of the frequently asked questions of the blog.

Another unique aspect of the blog is the RSS feed. RSS Feeds are the best way to keep up to date with the latest information on technology. In fact, the blog allows users to tag their favorite articles as well as add comments to them. Blog comments are organized by tags which help visitors search for related content. Thus, a reader is able to find relevant information very easily.

With the increasing popularity of blogs, there are many companies offering to host on the Internet. Many websites offer free accounts but due to their limited features, they are not ideal. Hence, it is always better to opt for paid accounts that offer greater flexibility. These paid accounts are secure, give the user unlimited back-links, are licensed for unlimited downloads, and also provide great customer support. Therefore, investing in a good technology blog is a worthwhile venture which helps not only your business but also you and your customers.

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