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Technology Meaning – What Is It All About?

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




Technology is an English term well defined on this page with the important facts i.e. its synonyms, meaning, and technology word meanings. Technology meaning in Urdu may be called as a term of endearment or close friend. It has been in use for quite a long period of time. From times immemorial that can be found as far back as 2nd century BC.

Some other forms of technology are for instance Information technology, computer technology, electricity technology, information science, Internet technology, radio technology, wireless technology, cellular technology, software technology, networking technology, mobile technology, web technology, audio/video technology, visual technology, industrial technology, and some other kinds of technological advancements. There is a great similarity between all these different types of technological developments, which were in use in the ancient world. One could also say that from times immemorial people have always been trying to invent a better and more effective way to utilize the different types of technologies available. The only difference is that in the past their inventions were not as successful and also not to the level as it is today.

Now it is very useful to note the meaning of each of the different types of technological advancements mentioned above. In fact, for a layman, it might take a very long time for him to understand the full meaning of each of these terms. As a result, it is highly recommended that a person who is interested in learning about the history of technology should make sure that he gets a good information book regarding this subject. One such book is written by Robert J. Kaplan and Edward S. Cowper Powys. This particular book in fact has made a huge contribution towards bridging the gap between theory and practice with reference to information and communication technology.


It is interesting to note that there is also an international meaning for technology. This is because different cultures around the globe have different understandings of what technology means to them. In fact, it is also very easy to explain the meaning of the word technology to a person from another country. All that one needs to do is explain to him or her the differences between English and their local language. Once this is done the understanding will be almost instantaneous. Once the person understands the significance of the word he would naturally be very excited to learn more about the word and how it can help him and his country in its quest to progress.

Some other names of technology that are commonly used are digital technology, information technology, and information science. There is also the meaning of engineering technology which is nothing but the application of scientific principles in the engineering field. This means that all those scientific principles involved in the practical operation of machines and engineering processes are termed technology. Another important name is information technology which means the application of technology to the transfer of information. Again this is applicable in the context of the Internet as well.

The meaning of technology is very important especially now a day as human beings are becoming highly dependent on such technology. A clear example is a telephone. Even though telephone companies are using various technologies to keep in touch with their customers, they are doing so using completely different methods. So clearly technology meaning has a lot of diversity and it can apply in many contexts.

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