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Technology news outlets are everywhere and they are all vying to be heard over the sound of a person’s car horn. You might be sitting on the side of the road looking at a speed trap and all of a sudden there is a burst of technology news from your neighborhood CNET or Fox News Channel. Or you could be at home watching a news program and happen to notice the word “tech” and immediately jump to the next bulletin on your screen. As you can see, technology news outlets span the gamut in their interests and capabilities. If you were ever at a loss as to what to read or hear about technology, this article can help. Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest news out there.

The New Apple iPhone 4G has been one of the biggest stories for quite some time and just recently leaked online. There have been many rumors surrounding its release, but it finally has been released and the buzz is good. Everyone seems to be loving this new tech phone because it is different and sleek. It is also easier to navigate through the new interface than previous models. In addition to this, there have been many new features that have been added. This new model will allow users to send and receive text messages and can also hold more data than the old model.

One other new technology that has been gaining a lot of attention is Apple’s iPad. This tablet computer was specifically designed to be a media device, so it allows the user to watch videos, play games, and even surf the internet via Wi-Fi. Many media outlets have been praising this new invention and Apple is even planning on releasing several more updates to the product in the near future. As with the iPhone, iPad apps were created specifically to entertain users and they are also promising a host of changes to the software in the months to come.

A new, popular tech story involves one of Google’s experiments. The company is experimenting with providing news and information to its many users with the aim of having a better algorithm to search for relevant material. Many experts believe that the project, called Google Buzz, is on the verge of success and they are even anticipating a major shift in how the company does business. In fact, analysts at Citi predict that it will become one of the biggest successes of the decade.

However, not all news is created equally. Some news is obviously spun by the media and companies to promote their own product or service. Take, for instance, the recent stories about Theracane and its uses. The ads in these stories are completely false and the company in question is simply trying to cash in on the outrage. No one is criticizing Theracane in any legitimate way and it has no medical uses whatsoever.

It is important to remember that as with all news, you should only pay attention to reputable sources. Reputable websites often provide accurate information with sources that can back them up. They also avoid marketing campaigns that simply want to sensationalize any news item. For example, many websites that publish online news will feature product demonstration videos. It would be wise to steer clear of such sites unless you are truly interested in watching a demonstration of new technology.

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