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The future holds access, anywhere collaboration and learning, both globally and locally. Learning and teaching activities are going to be social activities. Schools in the future will have students in physical classes as well as online students in a different country or any other part of the world. This technology has started being applied with the emergence of many online courses being offered (MOOCs).

The future in technology for learning institutions will be the cloud. The cloud will remove the barriers that could come between learning and teaching. The schools will not require local file storages, servers or even installation of software. They will only need very fast connection of internet. Schools will therefore be required to improve on their infrastructure to embrace the changes in technology.

Teachers will use the cloud for grading, collecting and setting work online. Students on the other hand will have immediate access to work, comments and grades by their teachers through their tablets, smartphones or computers. The classrooms for the schools will have to transform. Thanks to the mobile devices and the cloud, technology will be incorporated in every area of the schools: schools trips, gyms and games fields. Whether on site or offsite the support staff, students and teachers will all be linked. Teachers will be able to teach from anywhere while students will learn from any place. It will promote independent learning among learners.

The above are some of the technological advancements that could come up in the future. Technology is always here to make our work easier, and it surely will ease the way children are taught and the way teachers teach their students. It might come with its disadvantages, but the benefits will definately surpass any negative impacts.Even though the gadgets are a bit expensive, obviously the prices will go down since the schools will purchase them in bulk.

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