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TeleX AI integrated blockchain bot – ICO

An introduction to the TeleX AI bot. Currently in active crowdfund mode. Aiming at a $3M raise to build out a bot that can manage and trade cryptocurrencies with a simple chat.





Long awaited chatbot ICO and startup –TeleX AI has launched. The chatbot is powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), and can provide cryptocurrency related services using an instant messaging application. The Telex chatbot is unique as it is the first bot to manage a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange service from directly within a Telegram chat box.

The Telex AI Telegram chatbot allows users to easily store, send and receive Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, the bot can also sell or buy other supported cryptocurrencies simply by sending a message (Note: the bot will charge a small fee for the trade). A cryptocurrency bot eliminates the need to go through lengthy registration, KYC processes or ANY new application installs.

The genius of the bot is the ease of integration, making cryptocurrencies more accessible to more people than ever before. To begin using the bot for the first time — open a chat with the TeleX AI bot and request it to initiate a transfer or trade. Multiple cryptocurrencies can be managed on a single Telegram account and sending coins to others can be done without hidden fees or charges.

How does the bot work?

The Telex AI chatbot can be used by following very few, easy to understand steps.

Starting the Chatbot

Note: You must have Telegram app installed first.
In Telegram, search for the username “telexaibot” to TeleX AI service.

How to deposit, withdraw and send coins using the Chatbot

To see ETH and BTC deposit addresses, use the “/deposit” command and send coins to the address. The balance will be credited once sufficient confirmations are received.

To withdraw, use the “/withdraw” command and select the coin of choice for withdrawal along with the respective amount. Once selected, the withdrawal process will be executed in no time.

Sending coin using the TeleX AI is simple, the user just has to type the “/send” command to start the process. The user will then have to input the receiver’s ID and execute the transaction to transfer the cryptocurrency successfully.

About the ICO

In case you need to know, here is a quick rundown of the ICO:

Yes. There are bigger bonuses the earlier you participate. That’s the way it works. The ICO runs from Nov 21th to Dec 21st, 2017. Tokens will be paid after the conclusion of the ICO. Link up on any of the TeleX social channels if you need help. If you don’t understand it or think it may not be for you then do not participate. Otherwise, come join in on the chatbot revolution.

Information about the ICO & Crowsale is available at –

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