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Artificial Intelligence

The 4 Most Popular IT Trends For the Future

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



Artificial Intelligence (Ai) has received a great deal of buzz in recent years, but even as it gains more recognition amongst the general public, it still remains one of the most exciting new technology trends. The field of AI is becoming increasingly sophisticated with the development of newer and more intelligent computers. Additionally, advances in neuromorphic technology are leading the way forward with artificial intelligence systems that can think, learn and reason just like a human brain.

Number one on the list of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) technology trends for the future is called “P Pandemic Immunization”. It refers to the introduction of an artificially intelligent system into the healthcare industry that will detect common strains of viruses and then seek out and destroy those that have been identified. It is projected to save about $5.5 billion per year by 20ppard. According to the researchers who developed it, the technology will also be able to boost response times in medical facilities, reduce administrative costs, and eliminate the need for many long office visits for doctors and patients. This will also benefit children suffering from immuno-compromised conditions.

Number two on the list of Artificial Intelligent (Ai) technology trends for the future is called “view video transcript”. This is primarily composed of software that is used by clinical study nurses to read digital images, write a report, and then upload it into a compatible digital format. Such technology trends such as this one have the potential to dramatically reduce administrative costs and cut down on lost time. It is projected to save about $5 billion per year by 20ppard.

Number three on the list of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) technology trends for the future is called “Mobile Devices and Technologies”. What comes here is mostly related to mobile devices and mobile technology. As the name suggests, this technology trend highlights the application of mobile devices in our daily lives. Some of the latest trends in this regard include “wearables”, “digital signage” and “cloud computing”. Experts say that there will be a day when all smartphones can become ” wearable computers” owing to the fact that they are capable of processing much higher volumes of data and running applications and programs in real-time.

The fourth and final Artificial Intelligent (Ai) technology trend for the future is called “Cloud Computing”. This is all about providing computing resources over the Internet and using them. Experts in this field say that the first application of cloud computing in the enterprise is powering sales and customer management systems. Another use is powering news feeds from social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. This is part of “the Information Age” and experts are predicting that the information technology industry will experience a radical transformation in the next two to five years.

All in all, it can be said that the current trends in IT are all about delivering new technology trends which will help the enterprise and help it remain competitive. However, IT professionals should take note that they have a unique role to play in this transition as this will be a rapidly changing environment. IT recruitment agencies can play a key role by looking for and hiring professionals who have the skills to embrace new technologies.

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