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The Benefits of dbt Cloud

Hugh Grant



Brands and organizations are relying on technology more heavily today than ever before. This is not only the case in manufacturing but also in operations, communications, marketing, advertising, and sales. There are more and more SaaS products on the market yearly, and more employees are working each year remotely. Society is seeing a trend toward more technological integration in our everyday lives. As such, companies rely on what are known as technology stacks. The various layers of technological solutions compose a brand’s comprehensive platform. Different companies utilize different stacks with different levels of complexity, but the dbt Cloud is a versatile addition that can add value to any modern-day stack. 


The dbt Cloud is the Saas component that accompanies and extends the open-source Core product. It comes with a variety of features like an IDE, native doc hosting, and a scheduler. It also offers really simple interoperability, which partially makes it a valuable addition to any modern stack solution.  

The Committed IDE

The integrated development environment is easily one of the best selling points of the dbt Cloud. The IDE that comes with the dbt Cloud allows data engineers to easily and accurately write dbt code. Not only that, but it also gives them an avenue through which they can perform live quality checks as they write. This is highly beneficial in writing accurate code and saving time on back-end editing.

With traditional dbt code writing, data queries are checked all at once by being copied into a query runner. This is a relatively clunky process and makes it challenging to identify the actual location of the error. The IDE accompanying the dbt Cloud, on the other hand, offers an elegant solution here. Queries can be checked with a simple key-stroke command, and errors can be easily identified and fixed through the live-editing process.

Another notable feature of the IDE that makes writing dbt simple and efficient is the auto-complete tool. By typing a double underscore like this, “__” a user can access the auto-complete feature for snippets of commonly used code. This is another aspect of the IDE that helps the user write code accurately the first time around, saving time on editing and reiterating down the line. 

Operation Scheduling Made Easy

Another big benefit of the dbt Cloud is the simple and innate scheduling features. These features are designed to keep your dbt models running regularly once they’re completed. This is because queries are triggered manually during the development phase of your dbt models. However, when it comes to implementing these models into the actual workflow of your organization, they need to run automatically. This is the purpose of the included orchestration tools. 


The orchestration tools let you run everything on a schedule so that employees always work with updated data. Running these models at least overnight is common practice as it ensures employees are starting the day with updated data. 

Generous Free Tier for Start-Ups and Small Teams

Another nice thing about the dbt Cloud is the price. The pricing scales make the dbt Cloud a very attractive solution for many start-up organizations and smaller teams. The generous free-tier comes with a wide range of tools that a solo data engineer needs to perform their job and make powerful dbt models. 

Even beyond the free tier and solo developers, additional seats only cost $50/month, and the dbt Cloud also comes with enterprise packages that offer more robust features. No matter where your organization is at scale-wise, dbt Cloud can be an excellent addition to the stack. 

Continually Improving

Finally, a marker of any excellent service or product is continual improvement, one area in which the dbt Cloud certainly shines. There is room for improvement in a few areas regarding the dbt Cloud in its current iteration. However, the creators know this and seem dedicated to continually improving the dbt Cloud until it reaches its fullest potential. 


Even though the dbt Cloud isn’t everything it can be yet, it still offers the modern organization a powerful dbt tool to implement into their stack. 

Wrapping Up on the Benefits of dbt Cloud

The dbt Cloud is a very valuable addition to a modern-day stack, especially in the context of smaller data teams. This is because it offers features like an IDE, native document storage, and easy-to-manage orchestration and scheduling tools. These features combine to create a versatile SaaS product that can carve out a role in almost any modern-day tech stack. 


Check out the free tier of the dbt Cloud and see all the hype. 

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