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The Benefits Of SEO Over PPC




During the pandemic that hit most businesses around the world in one way or another, business owners started to understand that paid marketing strategies are not the best option to promote in the long term. Budgets had to be cut down and this meant profits also went down. This is because one of the biggest disadvantages of PPC is that when you stop buying clicks, you stop receiving them. SEO is simply much better for most businesses, from SEO for medical practices to SEO for restaurants. The following benefits highlight why this is the case.

Cost Advantages

You do not play for each and every click coming to the website. After the startup costs (promotion, optimization, content, and so on), visitors basically come for free. Initial costs tend to be higher than with PPC campaigns but the long-term spending becomes a lot lower with search engine optimization.

We should also highlight the fact that SEO traffic almost always drives more revenue, as long as the campaign is properly set up.


It is very tempting to choose PPC instead of SEO since you see immediate impact. You simply get extra traffic when you spend more. The problem is that you do not have maintained consistent traffic. If the website appears high in search engine results for the right keywords, you consistently get traffic.

A huge advantage of search engine optimization is that you gain access to a stable source of revenue and traffic. This is particularly relevant when the economy is down, which is when people do more research before buying something.

PPC campaigns do give you immediate results but costs do vary a lot.

Competitive Advantages

You always have competition in business. Whenever you improve search engine rankings, one of your competitors goes down. Basically, the better your SEO campaign, the higher the traffic, revenue, sales, and awareness taken away from competitors. Such a benefit cannot be obtained from PPC ads.

People realize when an SEO listing is paid. Zero credibility boost appears as a result. When your site ranks high in results, the visitors trust the business more. And at the end of the day, when you do better, your competition does worse.


Organic search traffic is a continual website traffic source. This means that you do not wake up one day without visitors, which is exactly what happens with paid search marketing, which stops traffic inflow as soon as you stop spending on ads. As the budget runs out, you do not get anyone on the site.

After you do the SEO work and your site climbs in rankings, you do not do much extra work. For a while, your site will remain there even if you do not do anything. Usually, you just need minor maintenance and SEO work to maintain your results and thus your traffic.

To sum up, SEO is better than PPC when you are interested in long-term results. PPC should be your focus when you want immediate results and you can sacrifice overall profit for it. With SEO, costs are lower and profit is higher.

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