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The Brooksville Independent Artist Jonnie B has Created a Great Buzz with his Single ‘Flex’




If you are feeling low and want to cheer up then ‘Flex’ is just the perfect track for you. The Brooksville independent artist Jonnie B has intensified the premise.

Brooksville, Apr 30, 2020 (  – The Brooksville independent artist has been creating some great music over the last few years. With tracks like ‘You can’t fuck with me’, ‘Kome Around’, ‘Spin’, ‘Slimetime’, ‘My Blood’, etc., the artist is currently on the summit of his career. The immense love showered by the audience over these tracks has made him reach the zenith. However, the track that led to his recent fame is ‘Flex’. This track helped him garner a huge fan base over his musicianship. This track has all the required elements that are needed to break the rhythmical chain. Jonnie B has showered this track with his love for music-making.

This track speaks on behalf of his undeniably supreme talent and professionalism. The track will certainly lighten up your mood and confine your musical senses within the structural intricacies. The colorful musicality of this track has helped in elevating the overall impact of the entire presentation. His versatility can be well-observed though the arrangement of Flex’. He has provided the track with the much-needed energetic feel that none can turn down. The awesomeness generated through the presentation of this track is simply brilliant and breathtaking. One can never take his ears off the majestic reflection of such rich musical ingredients.

The roots of musicality have been established deep within the core of the structure, which stands the tallest among all the elements. The individuality of Jonnie B is present within the tracks and the multi-layered verses have made things pretty evident with the to and fro motion. The backbone of the track is the soundscape that has been able to electrify the ambiance and make the audience get drowned within the premise. These facts reflect nothing but the creative brilliant and unparalleled skills of the creator. Listen to more from this amazing artist through the digital music streaming platform of SoundCloud.

Check out to listen this song ‘Flex’ by Jonnie B :

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