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The First Battle of Advertising: Achieving Full Ad Delivery with Audio

Priya S



Getting the identification and recognition among the audience is the premier goal of all brands and they are buckled up to intensify and forge a good brand image amid the audience. But what should be their strategic path in order to climb close to the audience?  

A big portion of our population is drifting towards music and podcasts. In recent years it has gained a startling popularity among the individuals and is playing the role of essential element that are solely used to educate people about a particular brand ,creating brand awareness, for product promotion. Audio ads include some compelling qualities like Inherent Complete Delivery, call-to-actions like visiting a website , placing the order or establishing a contact with the brand representatives. A good background music, on point and concise brand message, clear voice over, worth remembering taglines and some catchy jingles are the qualities of a good audio advertisement .There is a long list of pros if one is choosing audio ads as their marketing strategy, audio or music is embedded in our daily routine, recent studies over human behavior has shown that whatever we consume through audio medium stays for a long time in our subconscious pool.  

Hence the answer to the question above is Audio Ads, they have become a new trend in the market. These not so complex Audio ads are curated just to deliver brand messages, to promote a product or for similar purposes.   

But why are we choosing Audio Ads over Visual ads :-

There is a strong urge among viewers to skip visual ads. According to a survey conducted by MarTech ; 56% of the total surveyed audience skipped the visual ads and 46% of the surveyed candidates had the opinion that visual ads should be of less than 15 seconds (1). In present time video ads are not much welcomed by people and the reason is :- 

  • Visual ads are getting irrelevant and are generally mismatched with the interest of the audience .  
  • When it fails to resonate with the audience’s heed, it gets skipped easily.  
  • Viewers found it intrusive when ads interrupt their content streaming.  
  • Numerous ad blocking software are being installed that block ads and make it easier for viewers to consume the content of their choice with no disturbance. 
  • People are getting bored of seeing unnecessary and back to back ads.  

It is obvious that Audio Ads are an advantageous option to go for as these are short and simple. Key points of audio ads is that their reach towards the audience is quite impressive and Completion Rate or Listen through Rate (LTR) is maximum, they are smoothly delivered to the user because while doing various household chores, exercising or driving;  people do not pay attention to screen and their screen time decreases but their whole attention is channelized towards the voice coming out of their latest speakers or airpods.  

According to the recent data ; among the users of Spotify in North America only 43% of the people opt for premium plans and this number is assumed to be significantly lower in India. So it could be summarized that people don’t readily purchase premium plans and are easy going with the quick audio ads in between the songs or podcasts.They usually do not feel the urge to skip the ad, and hence it is completely delivered to the listener. On the other hand Ads , when placed on visual content it creates sense of dissatisfaction among the audience as they are not able to skip the ads leading into disinterest and also affects the ad completion rate .In contrast audio ads play in background and audience choose not to skip it as it sublimes with the music or content they are hearing and does not disturb the flow of content and hence are readily consumed by listener.  

What next? 

After skimming all the points and qualities of a good audio advertisement ; the next step is to conquer the battle of Achieving Full Ad Delivery with Audio 

Now this is the chief goal for advertisers that they should choose an excellent platform and medium through which they can spread their brand message among the audience.Right demographic audience analysis should be so as to know what type of interest your audience has, mismatch of interest with respect to ad delivery leads to wasted efforts.  

From designing the perfect audio ad to its placement in the campaign is a bit of complex work but PayTunes makes it easy for you. 


Yes you got it right!! PayTunes is one of the biggest programmatic audio ads providing platforms where brands can connect with their future clients at once. It circulates various types of ads on sky high platforms like Jio Saavn, Wynk music, Spotify and many other vast music streaming platforms where millions of people spend their time by listening to music,news, podcasts and some interesting stuff to freshen up their mind. 

PayTunes provides full ad delivery with audio and has a massive ad completion rate of 90% in all audio ad delivering apps. Here they make sure that your brand message is noticed and picked up by the audience and hence they have a strategy to optimize ads and redirect it towards the audience that are receptive. By the help of various highly engaging campaigns and their tracking, PayTunes makes it quite easy for advertisers to step up a level with their brand image.   

Hence being a proprietor of a brand, if you are seeking strategies for upgrading your marketing methodologies,you need to realize a couple of points like what your client wants , how short and crisp your brand message should be , the advantages of Audio ads over Visual ads, and knowledge of Audio Advertising in depth. Along with that you need to get in touch with such a platform that makes audio ads campaigns sound easy and for that purpose PayTunes should be your sustainable and foremost option. 

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