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The Impact of Health Technologies on Our Society in the Next Two Years

Hillary Cyril




Health technologies are the advances that make our lives better and make us more healthy and fit. They include medical equipment, medical treatments and medicines, and medical research and analysis. The term “health technology” is broadly used and may encompass other technologies such as genomics, immunology, infectious disease, health management, healthcare logistics, and health information management.

By the year2019, the World Health Organization defines health technology as “the application of science and technologies for improving the quality of life and preventing disease and injury”. The need for improved patient care, improved medication, preventive services, and overall health care delivery is evident today. In line with this need, clinical trials are becoming a key part of patient care delivery. Clinical trials provide data on new medications, treatments, preventive services, and other innovations that have the potential to benefit patients if they are approved for use.

The medical industry and governments around the world are using the power of the Internet to bring patients, doctors, and researchers together. This is done through the development and deployment of new technologies. The chief advantage of using the Internet in the context of developing a new health technology lies in its ability to bring together research, development, manufacture, and clinical trial. For instance, in order to apply an innovative treatment for a rare childhood disease such as cystic fibrosis, it is necessary to gather enough data from patients who have already been treated. If this data were then distributed to a single institute in order to obtain approval for the therapy, it would take years.


By the year 2021, medical imaging will be able to provide more detailed pictures of a patient’s condition than before. Newer technologies will allow for the monitoring of the heart’s activities, the flow of blood through the body, the movement of organs and tissues, the temperature of the body, and much more. The chief objective of the developers of these new technologies is to improve upon the current level of care that is provided. In addition, the devices will be more precise and allow for less invasive procedures.

When looking ahead two decades, one cannot help but be interested in what the impact will be on where we are headed as humankind and as a species. One of the most profound effects that we will see comes in the area of genetic engineering. As more children are born with diseases or genetic defects that cannot be cured, the need for effective treatments will greatly outweigh the need for the procedures that these patients require. One way that researchers are planning to meet this need is through the use of gene therapy through genetic engineering. This method will be especially useful for treating devastating diseases like cancer or Parkinson’s disease.

Another important application of Health Technologies in the next two years is through the use of artificial intelligence. Two technologies that are being heavily researched are self-healing artificial intelligence, which will treat damaged organs and tissue in human beings with the goal of restoring the body to its original state, and computer-assisted image analysis, which will help medical professionals determine which procedures are necessary for a patient. Additionally, there are other technologies that will also be coming to the forefront such as organ preservation using cells or tissues from the patient’s own body. Finally, there will be technologies that allow machines to do the work once done by humans. These will dramatically change the way that surgeries are conducted and the equipment that they use.

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