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The Joan 6 Pro Wins Two Gold Prizes for NY Product Design Award 2022

Adriaan Brits



The Joan 6 Pro room scheduler continues to win recognition for its innovative product design in 2022 by winning two gold prizes in separate categories at this year’s NY Product Design Awards. The two gold prizes for the state-of-the-art room scheduler came for the categories Digital Devices & Technology – Eco-Sustainable Technologies and Digital Devices & Technology – Digital Paper.

Recognizing Design Excellence

Creating products with the foresight to take office spaces into the future remains the goal of the Joan product design team. On the awards platform, the Joan 6 Pro joined a range of products from several industries. Here, impartial judges look for professional excellence in each category before awarding these honors to designers and manufacturers worldwide. In addition, they look for remarkable design quality with elements like aesthetics, functionality, and ground-breaking concepts.

In 2022, this was the third important design award for Joan 6 Pro. The two NY Product Design Awards followed close on the heels of the Red Dot 2022 and the iF Design Award 2022.

Matej Zalar, the co-founder of Visionect Inc., recently said, “Winning these awards in 2022 is a solid confirmation of the excellence of the Joan 6 Pro meeting room scheduler’s ability to contribute to productive, safer, and more sustainable collaborations within the workspace.” Zalar adds, “This is the philosophy on which we started our company and how we will continue by matching the needs and challenges faced by the ever-changing workplace.”

Feature Excellency

As an ePaper meeting room scheduler, the Joan 6 Pro has many excellent features that contributed to winning the NY Product Design Award.

Its sophisticated design provides minimalism at its best but without detracting from its features that provide a frictionless work environment. In addition, the mounted device offers elegant meeting room management with a choice of Slate Grey or Graphite Grey.

An overnight charge with the included USB C cable (included in the box) will ensure the battery-powered Joan 6 Pro runs for six months. Contributing toward Visionect’s policy of creating products with a minimal carbon footprint, the device needs the equivalent energy of making one cup of coffee for an entire year.

Besides being easy to attach anywhere thanks to its wireless design and magnetic mount, the Joan 6 Pro is ready to use straight out of the box. From the moment it connects to the office Wi-Fi, it integrates with the calendar and shows all the scheduled meetings and rooms.

Users can customize the device to give rooms names in their chosen language and collect vital workplace data and insights to make it easier to organize their workday and spaces.


Copyright: Joan Pro 6

Data security remains an ongoing concern for organizations, and the advanced TLS 1.3 encryption of the Joan 6 Pro ensures office safety.

The PoE wall mount is an additional accessory that allows Joan 6 Pro devices to have constant power and internet communication through an Ethernet dock rather than Wi-Fi. In addition, with the wall mount, companies get the added feature of room occupancy displays. The wall mount indicates an upcoming meeting with an orange indication. The green signal means a room is available, while the red marks a booked meeting room.  

Finally, all the materials used for the Joan 6 Pro are sustainable (energy- and water-efficient) throughout their production, meaning that each device has a minimal carbon footprint. With its full capacity touch screen interface made of glass and high-quality aluminum casing, the Joan 6 Pro makes an attractive feature for office spaces. Not only does it allow undocking without losing any information, but all its materials are recyclable.

Final Take

The design-rich Joan 6 Pro continues to capture the attention of consumers and design awards alike thanks to its practical features and device sustainability. The seamless room booking device, with its zero-carbon footprint, low failure rate, and energy efficiency, impressed the impartial judges, resulting in high scores for the Joan 6 Pro.

Winning the two gold prizes in the  NY Product Design Award Categories Digital Devices & Technology – Eco-Sustainable Technologies and Digital Devices & Technology – Digital Paper confirms that the Joan 6 Pro continues to inspire others with its ground-breaking technology for today’s workspace. 

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