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The Key Consumer Service Areas Within Health Care

Hillary Cyril




Consumer service encompasses a wide range of activities. The practice involves the development, implementation, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of consumer products or services. These activities are performed by specialized personnel who have the knowledge and expertise in relevant fields and specialize in a particular area of consumer product or service.

Consumer service refers to the formula, formulation, technical engineering, and testing of consumer goods, including food, medicine, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, vitamins, tobacco, hair goods, health and beauty products. The scope of consumer services is not limited to any particular product or service. In fact, it encompasses all types of business or industry practices aimed at helping consumers cope with changes in circumstances in which they have less control over their lives, and in which they have less ability to determine how that change will affect their lives. For example, a consumer service organization that develops, implements, and evaluates health care services is an essential part of health care systems. Such an organization would also be involved in assessing and improving the accessibility of primary and secondary school facilities for those who are physically challenged.

There are four broad categories of consumer services and these are marketing, service, product, and information. Marketing is an approach to promotion designed to increase awareness, popularity, profitability, and the acceptability of a product or service. This approach may be used for advertising or to build demand. Service is the activity of using marketing methods to achieve a common result.

Delivery services

An excellent example of service within the consumer service area is crowdsourced delivery. Crowdsourcing is the use of a website to request items (e.g. an item ordered by a friend) and then have the supplier distribute them to a number of different buyers (e.g. friends and family, store-to-door).

There are many other examples of crowdsourced delivery taking place. Crowdsourcing can also be used within the retail industry, where for example a retailer might ask customers to fill in forms and then submit it to a computer system, which would then generate a number of different items based on the input given. These could be items purchased from the shelf or items of interest from a catalogue or internet website. Again the key benefit is that there is an increased level of customer service because the retailer has taken the time to establish what works for the individual customer and tailored it towards their particular needs.

The fourth consumer service refers to technical consulting services. Technical consulting involves providing advice and assistance to individuals, businesses, and organizations in the specific fields related to their business activities. Examples include technical advice for electrical components, industrial parts, and industrial machinery. Other examples of technical consulting might include technical assessments for household cleaners, swimming pools, and garden equipment.

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