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The Los Angeles RnB Singer im just Dane turns up the musical charm with the release of ‘Anotha’




The majestic bars consistent within Los Angeles RnB Singer im just Dane’s latest SoundCloud release ‘Anotha’ is euphoria for the Rnb fans, which they have loved.

Los Angeles, Jun 8, 2020 (  – The latest track ‘Anotha’ by the supremely talented Rnb artist Dane is a majestic work of art that needs to be cherished. This track has drawn the attention of the global audience within a few days of its digital release. The fusion of the strong bars and the delicate rhythm of this track have intensified the structure of the track, which has kept the audience hooked. The Los Angeles RnB Singer has quite beautifully expressed the used ingredients throughout the presentation of this track. Having released the track under the profile name of im just Dane, the artist has magnified the impact of the genre.

Produced under Elevated Thinkers ENT, this track is the epitome of the musicianship possessed by the artist, who doesn’t seem to stop rocking the industry with tracks like ‘Cash Rules’, ‘Just 2B Honest’, ‘I Don’t Need’em’, ‘On & On’, and many more. With the release of Anotha’, the artist has just gone on to intensify his artistry from good to great to awesome. Emerging through numerous textural changes at the surface, the track has remained true to the genre’s traditional elements. As a listener and a fan of the genre, it would be hard for anyone to get rid of the impact cast by this track.

 Dane’s music is the ultimate portrayal of his past and present life. Through his musical work, the artist swims through his childhood experiences, old, new, and bad relationships. Working under im just Dane, the artist has presented classic RnB and soul elements, through his fascinating musical work. And, with the release of this track, he has just capitalized over the legacy that he has been able to create through his previous works. To listen to more tracks from the artist, fans can tune in to the platform of SoundCloud and YouTube. Find him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more.

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