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The Price of Bitcoin Mining Machines Are Soaring as It Can Mine Bitcoin Worth of $40,000

Adriaan Brits



The price of bitcoin has soared and tumbled recently. Generally, the overall trend is still up. It is now back to around $42,000. As the price of bitcoin rises, the fields related to the digital currency is also rising, the price of mining machine for bitcoin mining not only rises, mining machines becomes rare in the market and it’s quite difficult to get one for newbies who just enter the industry. A few days ago, the media interviewed the mining machine industry, industry insiders said that now the mining machine is a buyer’s market, the price, and deposit of bitcoin mining machine is all up to the manufacturer and sales. And even the price of bitcoin mining machines remains high, it cannot stop the buying enthusiasm of miners.

To buy a mining machine, if you want to get it this year, the down payment would be 30-50%, even if you book it for next year, the down payment would be 10-20%. Not only is there no spot available, but the price of bitcoin mining machines has also been rising. For example, the current price of a bitcoin mining machine per TH/s on Bitmain is about $110, the price of 95TH/s bitcoin mining machine is almost $10,000. Insiders from Bitmain disclosed that their orders for mining machines have been lined up to September 2022, the situation of other manufacturers is similar. Now not only bitcoin prices have soared, but chip capacity is also out of stock, affecting the trend of bitcoin mining machine prices.

For small and medium-sized miners, there is no chance to get the latest high-power mining machine from the market. Because these machines have been digested by institutional investors before even entering the market. As the difficulty of mining bitcoin increases, mining machines with low computing power is difficult to meet the needs of miners.

The rising price of bitcoin mining machines, the low supply and high demand of high-computing power mining machines, are increasing the mining cost and investment risk of miners. If it is their own channels to buy mining machines, they will not only face the highly overcharged price but also have to find the site to run the management of their mining machine, which is undoubtedly difficult. Generally speaking, purchasing cloud hash power would be the best choice. If you want to buy hash power, you can go to the Rock Hash website. Rock Hash is the world’s leading hash power trading platform, purchase cloud hash rate there, you won’t be worrying about bitcoin mining machine price. The participation threshold is relatively low, you can purchase a minimum 1TH/S hash rate, with 0 electricity charge, the price is as low as 6.41 USDT/T. Currently, there are generous DCC airdrop incentives on the platform.

If you are looking for more details, you can visit the Rock Hash official website to contact the customer service, they will provide one-on-one exclusive service.

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