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The Tech Evolution and How We All Fit In [Infographic]




The Tech Evolution and How We All Fit In feat

The use of technology has its own contribution through every generation, each has its own distinct characteristics that has variedly makes these technological platforms more useful and much easier to comprehend. Technology has mainly contributed on the different techniques within skills and processes used in the production of good and services. And here are some specific points that we could consider on how we all fit in with technology through this generations.

  • Baby Boomers (Born on 1946 – 1964) – Since this is the time after the World War II, this is also the time of a rebirth nation. There’s an optimistic mood that every country has, and this produced a competitive and goal-oriented generation, which eventually introduced technology as a mode to view more possibilities through communicating.
  • Generation X (Born on 1965 – 1976) – Sometimes called as the “latchkey generation” that introduced the diverse means of technology. During this time, most people of 92% owns a cell phone, and most people would prefer to communicate in the means of technology or to have an effective talk using text and surf.
  • Millennials of Gen Y (Born on 1977 to 1995) – This is the time where society is technology-filled and online-driven. Most people during this time are tech-savvy and use technology as a practical need for every day.
  • Gen Z, iGEn, or Centennials (Born on 1996 – later) – Considering that this time is the most fortunate generation among all generations because of its improved technology, the different devices that is produced through this time is one of a kind.

Learn more about the Tech Evolution and How We All Fit In in the infographics below by BrainBoxol.

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