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The Technology Credit Union – A Guide To Understanding How It Works

Hillary Cyril



Technology Credit Union is a non-profit membership organization that provides a variety of financial services to technology-oriented tradesmen, technology workers, and academicians in the San Francisco Bay Area. TCCU offers its members various opportunities. In order to join the organization, a member must have an active credit card account with a participating financial institution. Upon acceptance into the program, members will receive a variety of benefits.

To begin with, the members are able to enjoy discounts on purchases at local merchants. Members are also provided with access to member-only deals and sales. As a trade union, TCCU has the right to require its members to take part in the bargaining process whenever an agreement is reached. Trade unions are also allowed to set and enforce their own rules and regulations. With these powers in its hands, TCCU is in a unique position to provide its members with comprehensive services. However, this also comes with a price.

Each month, the members are required to pay a fee of $75. This fee is charged in order to cover the costs associated with providing professional service to the tradesmen. The members are also expected to contribute an additional amount of money to fund the operations and maintenance of the union’s website. In this way, TCCU protects its members against being defrauded.

TCCU is in a unique position to provide financial assistance to its members. Since the union has developed a relationship with several local banks and financial institutions, it is in a position to help its members with credit card applications. As a result of this affiliation, members are able to apply for credit cards through the institution which provided them with the initial loan. The union also works with other institutions such as the US Department of Justice. If members need legal assistance, they are able to receive legal advice and representation.

Because the financial needs of tradesmen and women are varied, the technology credit union has developed tools that make membership easier. An online application system allows its members to access their account information from any location. In addition, members can pay their dues online. Additionally, members are automatically enrolled in payroll systems created by the union, making it easy for them to obtain their pay. In these ways, members are able to maintain a good working relationship with their tradesmen.

It is important for members to realize that the technology credit union has evolved to fill the needs of its members. As technology increases, it is expected that these organizations will become more democratic and adaptable to the needs of their members. Therefore, members should feel comfortable using these institutions and joining. If they do not, they can look forward to joining another technology credit union that meets their particular needs.

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