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The Top 5 Trends For the New Year 2022

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



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Technology Trending is a term that is used by business watchers and analysts to refer to the rapid changes in technology that usually affect an organization’s organizational structure. The rise in internet usage results in greater risks of having sensitive corporate data leaked to malicious hackers via various means including ransom wares, so much so that companies that suffer a series of cyberattacks tend to adopt a defensive technology posture. In fact, these days it is not uncommon for companies to experience a major technological trend that is either adopted by the organization or actively sought after by cyber attackers.

One of the foremost technology trends in recent years has been Artificial Intelligence (IA). It stems from the field of computer science which involves using artificial intelligence to achieve certain tasks. As such, it seeks to overcome traditional manual processes that are now automated due to high levels of software specialization. A prime example of such a system is the development of Deep Learning which is an artificial intelligence initiative that seeks to unify and extend the capabilities of several computer programming languages such as C++, Java, MATLAB, and R during the development of various programs. Another high-profile technology trend is Artificial Intelligence Software (SAAS) or software that mimics human functions in order to improve efficiency. This includes the development of autonomous cars and self-driving vehicles, virtual assistants, webcams, and chatbots.

Other significant trends in technology trending include Artificial intelligent robotic androids, wearable computing technologies, and the Singularity the future of humankind. As with other trends, Artificial intelligent robotic androids are likely to replace most of today’s employees over the next few decades due to their near-perfect reproduction of human intelligence. Wearable computing technologies meanwhile are likely to revolutionize healthcare by incorporating sensors into bodywear in order to monitor vital signs and collect biometric data such as temperature readings and pulse rates. Singularity however is a more radical species and likely to completely change how we live and work in the next five years or so.

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The next few years will likely witness a shift in many areas of technology. One such technology trend is the advent of ” augmented reality.” This trend will introduce 3D images and videos onto real-world locations. This will allow for interaction with these digital images and may even allow people to perform certain tasks while they are in the location displaying the images. Augmented reality trends will be especially popular in the military where soldiers will need to be able to see where they are currently located in real-time and engage their enemies from a different location.

Artificial intelligent computers will also play a large part in the trends surrounding workforce building. AI will be programmed to perform a wide range of complex job-related tasks in the future including interacting with data brokers, managing workflows, making decisions about the best course of action, and much more. These types of computers will also be networked together across companies, increasing productivity and reducing the cost of operating these complex systems. AI will be one of the most prominent trends of the next decade and it will certainly be interesting to watch how this sector of technology evolves over the next five years.

Another promising trend for the future is Augmented Reality. This trend will combine digital images, videos, and audio with actual objects to provide a better user experience. Video games could be augmented with environmental information that will help people avoid obstacles on their way. Augmented reality will be a huge trend for the new year and I believe it is one of the most exciting new technologies of the coming decade.

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