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The TOP GAINERS of Coingecko of 10 July 2022. Focus on MM72, NIL and MOBIPAD

Adriaan Brits



 MOBIPAD (MBP) + 116,8%

Let’s start with the third among the Top Gainers, which however represents the first by value of the single token with a price of $ 0.07. Mined on Binance Smart Chain, of the Mobipad project, launched about a month ago, all you can find is the following sentence on its website “MobiPad will allow creators to launch their tokens most innovative crypto projects across all blockchains. MobiPad will plug into multiple liquidity sources across chains, including the cross-chain liquidity ecosystem.” The Project is still under development, a whitepaper and a roadmap are not accessible and the information is mainly released by the Twitter channel. From here we learn that the next week the project will be listed on four Centralized Exchanges and a new Telegram community will be activated. For now, the MBP token performs remarkably on Panckeswap, its only market, with over $ 247,000 in transactions in the last 24 hours.

 NIL (NIL) + 144,8%

Let’s continue with the second among the Top Gainers, “NIL is the Official Crypto that rewards College Athletes for their name, image & likeness when promoting products and services on social media” reads on the website. The NIL token mined on Ethereum is representative of an extremely interesting project for the potential of the network. 5,000 college athletes who collect over 34 million followers on Instagram and 59 million on Tik Tok. NIL boasts Launch partners such as Postgame, NFT Locker and Door, an attractive brand and coordinated image as well as an Article Marketing campaign on Cointelegraph. To promote brand awareness, the NIL team organized an e-commerce section of t-shirts with the “Nillionaires” brand and a rap song was created with a music video with the same title that can be found on youtube with over 50,000 views. The performance of 10 July therefore seems to confirm the potential of this token. The number and volume of transactions  is mainly due to the NIL / USDT market of the Cointiger centralized exchange, on which, however, the Coingecko Trust Score has affixed the red dot.

 MM72 (MM72) +2650,6%

We end this review with the first of the Top Gainers on 10 July 2022. MM72 has already been talked about a lot all over the world. Mined on Binance smart Chain, MM72 has already demonstrated exceptional performances, also due to a massive interest in the project of which the token is representative: the construction of a swap that allows you to multiply the value of Junk Coins from 10 to 100 times (i.e. digital assets that have lost their value). This would be possible thanks to a special algorithm that enhances the budgets normally intended for loyalty and air drop initiatives in the swap phase.

The media all over the world have talked about it and a large community is becoming passionate about the MM72 project.

However, $MM72 has been losing in the last month, having suffered a loss of more than 90% of the initial value and shows decidedly fluctuating results that denote instability.

This circumstance could be attributable to a number of factors. Surely there is the contraction of the Crypto market to be considered. On the other hand, the project proposal is incredible, related to the fact that the miraculous swap has not yet been released, despite the assurances of the team on the MM72 Telegram Channel. The main markets reported by Coingecko in which the token performs are Tokpie and Azbit, although MM72 is also present on other exchanges both dex (pancakeswap, ampleswap, apeswap) and cex (coinsbit, zt global, newchange). Therefore the results of MM72 reported by Coingecko are to be considered partial.


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