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The World Wide Web

Hillary Cyril



The World Wide Web or commonly referred to as the Web has been a great boon for people all over the world. It has been made available through the world wide web servers and computers. It allows users from different parts of the world to share and access information at the same time. One can find all sorts of data on the World Wide Web such as news, articles, software, electronic books and so much more. In order to make the most out of the services of the World Wide Web, it is important to get acquainted with some of the important aspects that the World Wide Web has to offer.

A website can be viewed in two ways – either through a browser or by using a web page. A browser is a tool that lets users access web pages by browsing the internet. There are millions of websites hosted around the world and a user can access these sites through any type of browser that he/she is currently using. To access a particular website through the internet all one needs is a computer with an internet connection and a browser. Browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers are the two most widely used browsers around the world.

A web server is a storage area for web pages and data. It is typically a proprietary system owned by a company that offers internet services to users. A web server can be either a dedicated server, a cloud server, or a home server. Dedicated servers are the most expensive ones and are used only by large organizations and government departments.

An internet browser is a tool that lets users access websites that they are familiar with. One of the most popular browsers is Internet Explorer. Although there are several other browsers available such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari they are not very popular among internet users. One reason why Internet Explorer is so popular is because of its popularity in the corporate world. Microsoft has developed an internet browser based on the Windows operating system.

Hypertext links are another important aspect of the world wide web. Hypertext links are links that are made between web pages. A hyperlink takes the user to another web page. These web resources make the information available for browsing.

Some of the internet service providers (ISP) also provide World Wide Web services to provide fast access to websites. ISPs use their networks to connect to other worldwide web servers to provide fast access to websites. Some of the worldwide web servers are maintained in the US, UK, and China. There are also worldwide web servers maintained in countries like Iran, Syria, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. To provide better connectivity to users all over the world some countries rent out their servers to companies that provide web hosting services.

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