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These Sectors Attract Most Funds on DAO Maker’s Fundraising Platform

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



DAO Maker’s Fundraising Platform

Remember the ICO (initial coin offering) craze back in 2017? At the time, the crypto market was still in a nascent phase, and it was quite easy for businesses and individuals to start their projects and put the ICO magic to work. Well, the blockchain industry has matured to a certain degree, and it becomes more difficult to start a crypto brand and grow an audience today.

The good news is that new crypto projects can count on DAO Maker, which offers the most popular crypto launchpad. On the other side, investors can get exposure to crypto startups that have been filtered out based on several parameters to avoid any potential red flags.

DAO Maker revolutionizes the way venture capital works for regular investors. While the platform is launching other investment products, including a stablecoins saving product and a launchpad for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), its flagship product is still the fundraising solution that attracts investors worldwide.

Crypto projects from all sectors join DAO Maker to raise funds from investors and jump-start their operations in a fast-changing environment. Here are the most popular sectors that have been attracting the greatest chunk of funds on the DAO launchpad:


Decentralized finance (DeFi) is one of the most important sectors of blockchain, and it’s no surprise that about a third of all projects on DAO Makers are related to DeFi. Last year, Bank of America concluded that DeFi was potentially more disruptive than Bitcoin itself, as the trend promotes major changes across all financial services by adopting decentralized networks and a community-oriented approach.

Out of about 100 crypto projects that held their token sales on DAO Maker, 28 have to do with DeFi one way or another. More importantly, DeFi projects manage to attract the highest amounts of funds compared to other sectors on DAO.

For example, Orion Protocol, a DeFi liquidity aggregator, raised $3.75 million, while Hubble and Opulous secured $1.5 million and $1 million, respectively.


So far, 29 projects that have already conducted their token sales on DAO Maker are operating in the gaming sector, and at least two gaming projects are getting ready to launch their token sales soon.

While DeFi has been in the spotlight since 2020, gaming has boomed last year to become one of the most active blockchain sectors. The explosion in blockchain games also has to do with the emergence of the metaverse trend, with many experts calling it the next generation of the Internet.

US investment bank Citi said in a recent report that metaverse could become a $13 trillion market by 2030, and gaming will play a key role. The report says:

Gaming is viewed as a key Metaverse use case for the next several years due to the immersive and multi-player experience of the space currently. But we believe that the Metaverse will eventually help us find new enhanced ways to do all of our current activities, including commerce, entertainment and media, education and training, manufacturing and enterprise in general.”

Some of the Gaming projects that raised $200,000 or more on DAO Maker are Gamium, Spellfire, Infinity Skies, WAM, and Prometheus, among others.

Web3 and Metaverse

While the blockchain community may notice an overlap between gaming and metaverse, the latter is a broad market that touches upon all aspects of the Internet. As Citi said in its report, the metaverse will change all current activities, from entertainment to manufacturing.

Some crypto projects that raised funds through DAO Maker are currently building their version of the metaverse. These include Gamium, which secured $200,000 from investors, as well as Victoria VR and Solice, both of which raised about $100,000 each.

Gamium is working on the first metaverse that interconnects all of them, making avatars and assets compatible on all metaverses. Victoria VR is building a realistic virtual world in which users can play, socialize, and monetize their activities. A similar experience is provided by Solice, a 3D metaverse built on Solana.


Trading and marketplaces

Finally, another major group of crypto projects making waves on DAO Maker are trading platforms and marketplaces, which enable users to trade digital assets and NFTs.

More than a dozen of the token soles conducted on DAO fall in either of these two categories. For example, NFT marketplaces NFTrade and Chronicle raised $495,000 and $275,000, respectively. Elsewhere, trading and investment platforms like delta.theta and OpenOcean help investors get exposure to various crypto and DeFi projects to diversify their portfolios. 

Thanks to DAO Maker’s reputation for vetting crypto projects, investors can safely take part in IDO events, while new protocols can raise funds to jump-start their operations. 

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