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Thousand announces seed investment round. ¿What is Thousand?





Bogotá, Colombia, August 17th, 2023, BTCWire 

Below we will describe the Thousand project, mention its current investment round and comment on relevant updates, always remember to do your own research if you plan to invest in or promote such an initiative, you can contact the Thousand team for inquiries.

Thousand is a web3 crypto project from Colombia that aims to build an ecosystem of financial alternatives using cryptocurrencies according to its website, the team is public and is located in Colombia, promotes the adoption of crypto responsibly by promoting education.

TND it is a utility token and will act as a native token in the Thousand ecosystem, in turn with real-world use cases. The TND token will be re-launched to the market, before carrying out a token contract migration and a security audit.

TND token work on WAVES and Binance Smart Chain, for its part TND of the WAVES network will enter a vote to be verified by the community in 3 weeks, once verified it will go to trade and deliver rewards to the community to celebrate this milestone.

Currently, you can buy in advance ONLY TND token of the WAVES network.


Token details:


• Name: Thousand Token

• Symbol: TND

• Type: Utility

• Blockchain: WAVES, Binance Smart Chain

• Total supply: 5,000, 000,000

• Decimals: 09



Use cases:


  • Trade
  • Fees
  • Operation discounts
  • Payments
  • Staking
  • Rewards
  • Burn




  • Thousand CEX/DEX
  • TND token
  • Cross-chain
  • Marketplace NFT
  • Launchpad IDO
  • Wallet


It also implements cryptocurrency ATMs to buy crypto with cash and debit cards for individuals.

Thousand will compete with the main cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Latam with the best fees and with end-to-end support for Latin American users.

Thousand vision is to be the number one cryptocurrency exchange in Colombia and one of the most important worldwide for its services in the crypto space, while TND is used worldwide.


Announcements of advance:


  • In the coming weeks, the community will be able to interact with Thousand cryptocurrency exchange platform, initially it will only be able to deposit, withdraw and operate in 5 markets; Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), BinanceCoin (BNB), and Tether (USDT).
  • In 3 weeks TND token from the WAVES network will go to a vote to be verified by the community, if verified it will go to trade, open a liquidity pool, and will be supported by M.M.
  • TND token from the Binance Smart Chain network will migrate token contract and will be audited before being listed on exchanges.
  • Thousand is a long-term partner of OKX DEX in the mission of promoting crypto adoption globally; in the future TND will debut on OKBC, the OKX blockchain.
  • Thousand is incubated by ParqueSoft, an incubator for technology-based companies in Colombia.
  • Thousand has started a seed investment round, consult;


Learn more about Thousand in

In conclusion: Thousand is a crypto ecosystem native to South America with a global operation that contributes to the adoption of crypto worldwide with competitive fees and a utility token with real-world use cases, focused on a freer and more prosperous economy for individuals and companies driven by the community in the blockchain while contributing to the construction of web3, the TND token will be re-launched in the market, in a few weeks it will launch its exchange platform (MVP), and is currently raised capital, the team is located in Colombia.

To buy TND tokens with 10% bonus (WAVES only):

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