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Top 3 promising GameFi and NFT games for 2023

Adriaan Brits



The GameFi scene in the Web3 world has exploded since venture capitalists and gamers realize the space’s potential. Games have been popping up left and right with significant promises about how they will push the space forward, but many are simply not living up to expectations or getting off the ground. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top three most promising GameFi projects for 2023.

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

Based in South Korea and created by giant game company Natris, Hero Blaze: Three kingdoms is an already established crypto game that has flourished in the Korean markets. Recently, they have begun a global campaign to push the game and its lore across global markets with an already validated model.

The game has received over 100,000 downloads and is available on both IOS and Android mobile devices; it is set to be released across the rest of Asia, Europe, and North America. It’s a new game to the Play-and-Earn genre, where developers focus on the Play and not the Earn through their MUDOL2 token, recently transitioned from their old MUDOL1.

Based on the BNB Chain, Hero Blaze players get to play as over 200 different generals, each unique to the Three Kingdoms franchise and lore, to participate in both PVE AND PVP game modes. Players get to see the progress of their generals when they compete in competitions, train their generals, and use their rewards, such as collected EXP books, to level them up. 

Players earn and spend in MUDOL2, the native token of the platform, which can be sold on the open market, used to level up their generals, or staked for further rewards! 

If you’re interested in starting your Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms journey, you can sign up for their global pre-registration or head over to their Twitter for more updates.


Second up on our list is Splinterlands, a blockchain-based card game established in the infancy of crypto gaming in 2018. Originally called Steem Monsters, they have recently rebranded to Splinterlands. The main aim of the Play-to-Earn game is to collect and trade cards within Splinterlands to earn crypto in the form of Splintershards (SPS) tokens. 

SPS tokens are used to buy, trade, and sell Splinterland cards on their NFT marketplace, with each card being its own NFT. Their marketplace is core to over 150,000 daily active users, one of the largest in the crypto gaming space. 


Asides from its healthy community, Spliterlands stands out from the crowd by being one of the first card-based blockchain games attracting the same crowd as famous Web2 card games such as Hearthstone. 


Lastly, we’re introducing Aavegotchi, part of the virtual pet genre that first sparked the GameFi ecosystem through Cryptokitties, the world’s first blockchain game. Aavegotchi is based in Singapore, one of the crypto capitals of the world, inspired by the pre-crypto game Tamagotchi.

Running on the Polygon network, Aavegotchis’s core gameplay revolves around collecting ghosts (each their own NFT), exploring different portals with them, and earning $GHST, the native token of the platform.

$GHST, which is the main way players earn in Aavegotchi, is used to buy, trade, and sell ghosts, staking, and even governance. In 2023, they have their mobile app alpha launch scheduled and their own Metaverse public land sales through REALM. 

Aavegotchi is a game full of nostalgia for those who kept their own Tamagotchis alive as a child but instead of you having to pay for a new one when they die, you’ll get paid!


With a new GameFi project popping up every day, it’s easy to be convinced that blockchain gaming has already gone mainstream, although that is the opposite of the truth. Blockchain gaming is still well in its infancy and has ample room to grow as it begins to share the gaming market with its Web2 counterparts. 

Utilizing blockchain technology and Play-to-Earn gaming models will entice millions more gamers worldwide to play and earn with promising games such as Hero Blaze, Aavegotchi, and Splinterlands, amongst many others. 

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