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The Top Smart Cities in the World




The cities that use ICT to be more efficient and intelligent in the use of resources, subsequently saving energy and cost, improve the quality of life and service delivery, and reduce environmental pollution and are known as smart cities.

Below are the top smart cities:

  1. Vienna.

Vienna is the only city that is ranked in the top in every category: quality of life, innovation city, regional green city, and digital governance. Planners of Vienna are working to reduce carbon emission in in the hopes of transforming the city to top European player in smart city technologies. With projects like Roadmap 2020 and Smart Energy Vision 2050, the city will always remain among the greatest smart cities.

  1. Toronto.

This is the top rated smart city in North America and scores well across the board. Recently, a Business Analytics Solutions Centre was opened in the city by IBM.  The city also boasts of being an active member of the Clinton megacities, which strive to have a low-carbon economy. The private sector has not being left behind.  They are collaborating to create Smart Commute Toronto initiative, hoping to increase transit efficiency in the region.

3.) Paris.

Paris has been highly rated in various categories such as digital governance and green cities. It has a program of bike sharing which has been very successful, commonly known as Velib.

4.) London.

London is famous for some of its sustainability innovations and its robust transit system.

Soon, the city will be a home to the Smart Cities research center, which will improves transport, government services, academic and consumer data, and business in hopes of making the city more innovative and efficient. In addition, the city will soon partner with O2 to establish the largest free Wi-Fi network in Europe.

5.) Tokyo.

This is the first Asian city to score well in the innovation and digital city categories.

Tokyo has plans of creating a smart town in its outskirts. The city is also striving to promote smart mobility solutions.

6.) Berlin.

Berlin has wonderful scores in green-ness, quality of life and innovation. In collaboration with, BMW, Vattenfall and others, the city is testing out vehicle-to-grid technologies in the hopes of establishing a virtual power plant from electrically powered vehicles.

7.) Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is highest ranked in key areas such as t digital governance. The city is experimenting with RFID technology throughout its agriculture supply chain, as well as its airport. It has been a leader in the adoption and use of smart cards. The smart cards are used by millions of people to access services such as library, shopping, car parks and public transit.

8.) Barcelona.


According to IDC report, Barcelona is among the best smart city in Spain.  The city was among the first in the world to have a solar thermal ordinance about ten years ago. Recently, the city launched the LIVE EV, a project that promotes the adoption of EVs.

  1. New York.

The city partnered with IBM few years ago to launch the IBM Business Analytics Solution Center to help build a smart city and improve business processes. In New York, IBM is already assisting the city prevent fires.


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