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Top Speed Skating Skateboards

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




The future of transportation is Hoverboard Technology. An inventor named Tony Loshelder has filed patent applications for self-balancing scooters and hoverboards with the US Patent and Trademark Office. One of the uses he describes in his patent applications is as an electronic device that is steered by using a series of spinning propellers. It would certainly have the ability to allow its rider to control the direction of its movement by using its manipulators or wheels. This is quite similar to a Gyroscope.

Loshelder states in one of his patent applications that the self-balancing scooter or hoverboard will be propelled by its onboard electric motor. This makes sense because the rider would be able to steer it in a way that matches their walking style, and also avoid situations where they might lose balance. Many people are concerned that if the Hoverboard Technology does not become safe, there will be more accidents on the roads due to the high speeds of these vehicles. But there is a company called Skateboard Direct that has already created a high-quality electric hoverboard that is safe as well as very easy to ride.

Skateboard Direct also claims that its hoverboard technology is different from Gyroscope because its motor does not need any external power source. The technology they claim to have used is called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), which is somewhat like the bar codes that are used in stores. When a rider takes off, the tiny magnetic motors inside the rider’s skateboard send out radio frequency pulses to the embedded RFID sensor that in turn receive the data.


Gyroscope and self-balancing scooters have been both heavily funded research projects. One group of engineers received funding from Apple to design hoverboards that can be steered by the touch of a finger. This technology was later sold to a manufacturing company called Meta Controls. It seems that the technology has been stolen though due to leaky patents.

The Skateboard Direct hoverboard uses Gyroscope technology to give it its unique self-balancing feature. As mentioned above, the small, attached electric wheels use Gyroscope technology to sense how fast you are going, and then they send out the right amount of pulses of light to the attached sensors. With the attached sensors a device called the “gyroscope” sits below the rider’s feet and then begins calculating the rate at which you are traveling. The “gyroscope” then calculates how fast you are falling and if you are touching the ground, and then determines if you should slow down or not. Based on this data the attached wheels are then able to propel the hoverboard forward at a very high speed.

Another way in which the Skateboard Direct hoverboards differs from other self-balancing scooters is the fact that it uses no wheels at all. In the past, the hoverboard used airbags, which were placed over the rider’s feet and this made the rider feel like they were sitting in a bag. The concept of self-balancing scooters has been around for some time now. Self-balancing scooters allow the rider to stay attached to their skateboard at all times while they are moving at top speed.

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