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TV Advertising Pros – Why TV Advertising is Popular Among Small Businesses

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




A television advertisement is usually a period of television programming made and paid for by a company. It advertises and aims to sell, a particular product or service, usually for sale in a specific locality. Advertisers can sometimes also refer to TV advertisements as TVDs. This article intends to provide some general information about television advertising.

Basically, it can be divided into two different categories: mainstream and alternative advertising. With mainstream television advertising, the focus is normally on broadening the appeal of a product to the target audience. The objective is to create a positive buzz about the product and also to generate a high level of brand awareness. Examples of mainstream TV advertising include famous TV commercials such as those made by well-known brands such as Coca-cola, Dell, McDonald’s, Nike, and so on. Usually, these commercials are designed for a particular target audience and are, therefore, intended for a particular audience.

The second category is much less widespread and is known as ‘alternative’ or ‘indulgent’ television advertising. In this type, the objective is to promote a brand or product to a small group of target audience rather than to a large mass audience. This kind of advertising, as the name suggests, targets a very narrow segment of the population and is, therefore, much less expensive than its mainstream counterparts. It has also the potential to reach a vast number of viewers since most people do not watch commercials live, making the reach of any given TV advertising campaign quite massive.


There are various advantages associated with this form of advertising. One advantage is that it reaches a highly targeted set of audiences, which ensures high levels of brand awareness. TV commercials are also most effective if they are well-designed, which in turn ensures that they are as attractive as possible. Apart from this, television advertising also has the potential to reach large numbers of audiences as it is a widely distributed medium. The large viewership ratings ensure a high number of people watching advertisements, thereby guaranteeing a large viewership.

With these two basic advantages, it is easy to see why tv advertising is popular among small businesses. But how can one identify an ideal target market? For starters, television advertising campaigns should be aimed at attracting as many people as possible and the best way to achieve this is by targeting the right audience. Small businesses need to identify their target audience so as to ensure that the campaigns are more effective. When identifying an audience, different kinds of demographic research can be undertaken, which help to define the interests and target demographics of potential customers.

Some of the television advertising pros that can be pointed out include the following: TV commercials are cheap to produce. Since there is no production cost for commercials, this means that the amount of money spent on advertisements is relatively low, especially when compared with traditional forms of advertising like magazine ads, for example. Television commercials can be produced relatively quickly as well, which allows smaller businesses to have multiple commercials running at the same time in order to spread the message about their product or service in a fast and efficient way.

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