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Ty_Don 1 has come up with earsplitting sounds in the hip hop track ‘Never that’




Ty_Don 1 has unleashed mayhem with heavy tunes of rap in the prolific rap number ‘Never that’. It is an energetic rocking track by the Brooklyn hip hop artist.

Brookhaven, Jun 12, 2020 (  – We are taken aback by the wondrous musical stuff dished out by the astounding rapper Ty_Don 1. A lot of frenzy among the fans can be noticed on the release of the startling number Never that’. It is a stunner of a performance by the fascinating Brooklyn hip hop artist. The singer has learned everything about hip hop in the hardest possible way and his indomitable ambition and passions have kept him going and achieve what he has got today. He has an up to the minute production house called ‘Itz Time ent’ that has state of the art modern facilities. He has got no godfathers and mentors and he follows nobody. He is a self-driven person who has made his mark in the world of rap and is here to stay for quite a long time. The audience who logged in to the Facebook profile of the singer will be awe-struck by his latest pictures and stupendous videos.

In the riveting track Ty_Don 1 you will be flabbergasted by the amazing grove and elements of fusion deftly used by Ty_Don 1. The funky vibes have got the usual refreshing flair which is quite staggering. The track spits energy with a ravishing pace. If you plug into the rapper’s Instagram handle, you can be rest assured to be overjoyed by glancing through his latest updates. 

The fresh vocal in the track that is filled with swagger oozes out optimism and speaks a lot about the brilliant musicianship of the singer. The release of the song is amazing and packs a lot of punches. Other chartbusters by the singer which has a dash of reality are ‘Itz Ty x Ty_don1 okay okay’, ‘2 Shots’, and ‘Talk to Me’. You can plug in to trending music streaming apps like Soundcloud and hear the sharp sounds of his rap numbers.

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