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Types of Dedicated Server Hosting

Hillary Cyril




Dedicated Server Hosting is one of the more popular types of web hosting services available on the web today. A dedicated server, as the name implies, is a web hosting service where the user leases a server from a web host company that has chosen to be dedicated to him/her. The user then becomes the administrator of that server. In contrast to a shared server, which typically hosts multiple websites, a dedicated server hosts only one website. There are advantages to these types of web hosting services including the fact that they offer greater flexibility and cost efficiency for businesses that need or want the full root access that comes with shared hosting. As well, however, there are certain disadvantages to dedicated server hosting that should be considered.

One disadvantage of dedicated server hosting is that it is usually associated with larger businesses that require or use the full root access feature. For this reason, it may not be the best choice for smaller companies that are looking for a blogging platform. Additionally, the dedicated servers are usually slower than other types of web servers and may be susceptible to attacks from viruses and/or malware.

Another drawback of using a dedicated server hosting is the higher cost involved. The user has to pay a higher price per month to have the server physically located on his or her premises. The higher cost of operating the server is coupled with a higher cost of maintaining the server in terms of maintaining security equipment such as firewalls and security software. Cloud hosting offers a cost-effective option for small businesses that do not require or desire to have the level of security provided by dedicated servers.


With dedicated server hosting, the customer is paying for actual hardware that will be stored on his/her premises. The benefit to this type of hosting is the customer can install their own software applications. For instance, if the user wants to host an e-commerce website, they will be able to install their own shopping cart software. Furthermore, they will be able to tailor the software to their specific needs. Depending on the size of the website, more processing power and memory may be required.

Dedicated servers typically provide high levels of CPU usage because of the inherent risks associated with server hardware. They are more susceptible to viruses and are more likely to experience a failure. In addition to the inherent risks associated with these servers, the hardware itself can be quite expensive. Many times, these types of servers are used by large organizations that have the resources to absorb the cost. Dedicated servers also offer higher levels of bandwidth because of the increased amount of memory that is provided. Due to the fact that there is more CPU utilization and disk traffic, Dedicated Servers tend to be faster than shared servers.

In order to determine which type is best for a particular business or organization, an evaluation of the needs of the company must be performed. This evaluation should look at the amount of memory the Dedicated Server has and how much disk space is available. It is important to know whether there is a possibility of future expansion. The size of the company’s workforce can also affect which type of server is chosen. If the company has a high rate of data sharing, then a Dedicated Server may be the best option for them.

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