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Uber Clone app- An instant Solution To Launch A Taxi-Hailing Business For You

Uber Alternative App




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Everybody needs some kind of transportation to go to some places. Decades before, most  people depended on public transports like buses which were very cheap and economical. Together with the development of the world, technology also developed and  people started having their own vehicles. And now, decades passed after technological advancement, people still want to travel and all might not be having their own vehicles, and they have started to take taxi cabs for this. People found difficulties in getting cabs at the right time and didn’t find it feasible too and they want to depend on some other mode of transportation for the same. This is where the entrepreneurs start thinking of giving them solutions in a digitalized way. It Helps the user to book the ride effortlessly. The user can give the pick-up and drop location and book a ride.

This is an on-demand taxi hailing-app that provides your customer with a hassle-free ride.

So, now you are waiting to know more about the app, is it? I know. So just stick on.

Let’s begin with its features.

The mandatory features of the uber clone app include 

1.Sign up registration – your user can login to the app seamlessly just by giving the social credentials. This helps your user to login in no time.

2.Booking a ride– this feature .

3.GPS navigation– this feature locates the pick-up location of the user by itself. This allows to assists the user to track the driver

4.Estimated fare– an estimated fare is displayed to the user based on the ride information. This helps the user in choosing the desired service as they wish.

5.Variant models of taxi– depending on the budget and convenience, the user can choose variants of their choice. The user selects the ride they prefer.

6.In-app chats– for maintaining utmost privacy, the user can communicate with the driver via in-app chat. This option allows the user to communicate their requirements to the driver.

7.Cancel booking– to ensure the best user experience, the app comes with this feature by which users can cancel their ride in case of any change in the plans. The user is charged a cancellation fee for this.

 Now let us go through the working of the uber clone app

This is a very simple process that anybody can do. Let’s see it.

Sign up– the users on board the app by downloading it from the app store and logging it with an email ID or any social media accounts.


Request for pick-up– the user enters the pick-up and drop location, type of vehicle and requests for the taxi.

Booking confirmation– the user’s request is notified to the driver closest to the user’s pick-up location. The driver accepts the ride. Once the driver accepts the booking is confirmed.

Pick-up– the drivers start to pick-up the user.  On the other side, the user prepares themselves to hop on for a ride while updating themselves with the driver’s real time location.

Ride– after the driver arrives at the desired location, the ride starts with an OTP verification. To mark the completion of the ride, the driver taps the appropriate option.

Fare generation– on completion of the ride, the driver updates it in the app. The fare for the ride is automatically generated and notified by both the user and driver.

Payment– the customers can pay the ride via cash, debit/credit card, or any payment method.

 Our add-ons on the uber clone app,

Prioritizing rides in the queue– we have come up with some advanced features exclusively for the drivers. The airport priority algorithm assigns rides to drivers in  order. This allows the driver to receive the ride request instantly.

Drivers request acceptance– this feature aids you to calculate the ride acceptance of a driver. It is the result of the number of accepted requests divided by the total number of requests.

Driver’s order completion percent– this is a feature to determine the completion rate of a driver. This is calculated by dividing the number of completed trips by the total number of trips accepted by the driver.

In-app chats and calls – this feature allows the driver and the user to connect with each other through the app. This feature uproots any confusion between the driver and the user.

Refer and earn– the drivers and users are offered discounts and incentives on referring new users and drivers. This helps to grow the business.

Estimate toll free– a feature to determine the toll free in between the pickup point and destination.

 The next question going through your mind will be about  monetization, how to monetize or how to earn money through the uber clone application.

 Here are the answers, and you can get revenue and fill your pockets through,


Ride commission– the riders are commenced to pay a commission fee on every ride they accomplish. This is the primary revenue driver for a ride-hailing business

In-app ads– the banner ads of various businesses can be posted by charging a minimal fee. This can be an added passive income.

Driver onboarding charge– a driver is susceptible to more rides by getting on board with the app than they could by the traditional methods. A fixed amount is charged by the driver.

Flexible rates– the cost for the ride can be hiked corresponding to the demand and during the peak hours. This flexibility can help you make a fortune.

Cancellation charges– the users can be penalized with a cancellation fee on every cancelled ride. This amount is added up to the next ride of the user and received from them.

In-app purchases– let the premium users enjoy the privilege to be prioritized in peak times.



Summing up,

Through this taxi-hailing  app, you can easily earn revenue and fill your pockets. Now you might have understood how the workflow is, how to monetize, how it looks and a little more of the basics. Many entrepreneurs have launched this app from us and they are having a very satisfying and happy business life. Even if you are a baby entrepreneur, there is no need for any worries or doubts, we can help you and guide and make everything clear about all the tactics and can help you to launch in the market.  So, all you have to do is just contact us and have a free and worthy communication and let’s launch it soon.

 Hope this was a worthy read for all your doubts and queries.  Thank you for your time. 

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