Uber Clone – Restyle Your Ride-hailing Business

The invention of smartphones and mobile applications helps things to be done quickly with less human efforts. Earlier booking a taxi was a hectic and time-consuming task because riders were supposed to visit taxi stands to find a taxi and taxi drivers as per their requirements. To avoid these hurdles, developers came up with a solution that solved this problem easily. In today’s life, mobile phones have become a part of our daily life, from allowing us to access food delivery services to grocery shopping. This revolution was also extended in the ride-hailing business sector. The ride-hailing business started with the invention of a mobile app that connects the driver and the rider.  Uber App came up offering taxi-booking services.


Uber is a flourishing business model because of its service that connects the cab driver with that of passengers. Travelling has been made this easy with the Uber app coming into the play. This same model is replicated by many business people who have been successful in doing this. Also, many entrepreneurs are planning to launch the best taxi app, an Uber clone with innovative features offering better service and trust. There are many startups in the market, so you need to have your own custom Uber clone app to compete with them. Before developing your application, remember to always decide your target locality, audience, and budget to invest in your Uber clone.  


How does the Uber clone work?

Online taxi booking can be made using Uber clone mobile app. It can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android mobiles or the App Store for iOS. You need software to launch this kind of taxi booking app. Instead of developing from scratch, many companies offer the Uber clone scripts, which you can buy and make modifications by adding some unique features that you are sure will provide a better user experience and make it stand out from the other apps.


Features that can be considered adding in a Uber clone app


Live location sharing: By sharing user location with people close to them, the customer feels safe. When customer safety is ensured, there are high chances of earning the user’s trust. This feature lets the customer be assured of the driver’s route taken to reach the target destination.


Safe alert: Including this feature helps when the user is travelling alone. When they feel suspicious about the driver or the route he takes, this option enables them to send an alert automatically to their immediate contact persons and the taxi providers, thus ensuring the safety and security of the rider.


Dark mode: This feature enables the drivers to use the app without eye strain during night time. Drivers can see the map for routes while driving during the night without any strain, which helps them work efficiently. Additionally, the dark mode feature saves the battery charge.


In-app call/chat: This feature enables the users and the riders to contact each other and keep track of their location. Also, this feature could enable the user to contact the support team to gather any ride details they would want to know, without having to know about each other’s contact details, ensuring privacy to both the parties..


User history: The Uber clone app can have this feature that stores the user profile details and their ride details/history. It must ascertain the ride payments and invoice bills for tracking purposes in future.



Since there is a pandemic situation going on globally, care must be taken to ensure the safety of the user and driver. If your Uber clone app is provided with the below listed advanced safety features, it will benefit the driver and the customer.


Driver check: Every time the driver takes up the ride, they need to go through a check. Taking a selfie to ensure the driver is wearing a mask, with other details like the cab is sanitized, no cold or body temperature or any other Covid symptoms can all be followed. After the verification is done, the driver can be allowed to take the ride.


Rider check: Similarly, the user accessing the ride also should undergo the verification test. The rider can also be asked to take a selfie to ensure that they are wearing a mask and go through the checklist. After passing all the verification, the rider can be allowed to take the ride.


REAL-TIME COVID TRACKER: This feature enables both the rider and the user to track the Covid patients in their nearby location, thus alerting them and securing them from Covid threat.


What is the cost of developing a Uber like app?


Uber clone app comes in an affordable price range. The cost of developing an app depends on the platform it is built for whether Android/iOS. The total working hours of the developers also reflect on the cost. But, it is a regaining investment because transportation is an integral part of our daily life. This is a promising market and developing an app like Ubert is an excellent choice.


Benefits of Uber clone app

Taxi business is growing fast nowadays. It has attained massive growth in the last decade. Extensive scope for customization has made these clone apps an ideal option for entrepreneurs.

Some of the advantages of the Uber clone app includes,

  • Reduced Cost

  • Fewer efforts

  • Completely customizable

  • Quick launch

  • Good revenue outcome


Here is a wrap-up note,

On-demand is sure to fetch a good revenue that encourages people to invest in on-demand enterprises. Developing an Uber clone app is not quite simple.  To do so, it is necessary to design a complete plan strategy. Fixing the target audience plays a significant role. You can also add the features mentioned above to enhance the user experience. By doing so, you can be a successful Uber clone app owner in the market. There is plenty of assistance available to develop the taxi app for your business but ensure you rope with a skilled developer who would offer you value for money when developing a taxi booking app. Now is the time to commence your business and be triumphant!


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