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UK startup launching Sensate wearable device

New Sensate wearable being launched on 05 May targets vagus nerve to improve health and reduce stress. Originally created for PTSD sufferers, now available for everyone, Sensate’s game-changing Infrasound (low-frequency vibration) Resonance Engine transmits sound at multiple frequencies for immediate relaxation from everyday stress and anxiety.




Stress contributes to serious diseases such as heart conditions, obesity, cancer, sleep problems, and many preventable mental and physical health issues.

Despite an abundance of mindfulness apps, and a rise in the popularity of meditation and yoga, effective relaxation is harder than ever to achieve and not something easily mastered in a short time. Millions of people find it difficult if not impossible to disconnect and manage their emotions, and that’s where Sensate helps.

Created by Stefan Chmelik, Sensate is a palm-sized, pebble-like device that sits on the chest and syncs with a free mobile app. Sensate can help anyone improve mental wellbeing and build stress resiliency with a 10-minute daily session.

Have you ever wondered why a purring cat sat on your chest is so calming? Sensate is designed to use low-frequency infrasound to regulate the nervous system and tone the vagus nerve which is responsible for calming the body after periods of stress and anxiety. It can relax our “fight, flight, freeze” emergency response, bringing our body back into balance.

The new Infrasound Resonance Engine technology inside Sensate II was meticulously built to fast-track relaxation and serve as a shortcut to profound calm.

Following the sellout prototype Sensate in 2018, Sensate II has been redesigned, from user feedback, to include upgrades such as:

  • Improved ergonomic design builds on the already classic ‘pebble’ concept.  

  • An entirely new way to transmit “felt sound” in the low-frequency register into the human body, with the totally redesigned engine.

  • Prototype Sensate achieved single-frequency sound, while Sensate II has been upgraded to create multi-layer frequency, boosting impact and nuance.

  • 800% increase in battery life

  • Sophisticated full color LED

  • Smart new lanyard design

  • New accessories including neoprene carry case and clay bead eye pillow 

Stefan Chmelik, founder of BioSelf Technology and creator of Sensate: “Stress and mental health issues are a 21st-century health crisis, with around 300 million people globally suffering from depression and anxiety. Through breath, meditation and music, we have found ways to stimulate feelings of wellbeing, harmony, and belonging. Sensate achieves this reliably, consistently and without training, using technology to recreate these natural chest harmonics, without effort and in 10 minutes a day – like a super-charged power nap.”

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Sensate is available via

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