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Using Cloud Inventory for a Streamlined Approach to Supply Chain Management

Hugh Grant



Businesses that can accurately track materials and products through the supply chain have several advantages over their competitors. Advanced inventory management leads to fewer manufacturing delays, improved fulfillment, and better customer service. Inventory solutions from Cloud Inventory use the latest technology to achieve this goal.


The Cloud-Based Advantage

Handling inventory management from the cloud allows employees to access the software from any location and device. The system updates in real time, so everyone in an organization has a clear view of operations. Antiquated spreadsheets and legacy ERP software restrict knowledge to the individual warehouse or site. Managers must wait for an on-site employee to share the information. A cloud-based model lets the whole organization see the inventory status whether a warehouse is across town or the country.


Low Code Customization

One-size-fits-all software solutions can frustrate employees as they seek work-around solutions to unique problems. In many cases, customization requires the expense of hiring a professional developer. Cloud Inventory provides low-code solutions that make app modification accessible to employees without a computer science background. This feature allows in-house workers to adapt the software to changing needs.


Increased Profit Margins

A solution that streamlines inventory management increases profits by reducing costs. Cloud Inventory’s cloud-based model removes the need for purchasing and maintaining dedicated servers, and the low-code technology reduces development costs.

The greatest savings will come through better inventory tracking. The Warehouse Inventory solution will decrease the time and labor involved with order fulfillment. Manufacturing Materials from Cloud Inventory will prevent waste by maintaining the balance between supply and demand. Working with the Field Inventory product will empower better planning, confirming that tools and materials are where they need to be across multiple sites.


Clear Oversight

Accurate data fuels the decision-making process. Cloud Inventory products give leaders a clear view of what is happening at a particular moment in the organization. Real-time inventory management will prevent losing supplies to expiration dates and help businesses meet compliance regulations.


Warehouse Inventory from Cloud Inventory

It is easy to lose products and materials in a warehouse. The staff may have instructions coming in from several different parts of the corporation. Warehouse Inventory from Cloud Inventory smooths out friction points in the supply chain. Knowing the exact location of an item speeds up all the activity around it. Employees can use phones, tablets, or other scanners to register new inventory as it arrives, mark its storage location, and remove it from the system when it goes out for delivery.


Manufacturing Materials from Cloud Inventory

The Manufacturing Materials product improves the performance of assembly lines and factories. This software solution can integrate with automation software to keep track of supplies throughout the manufacturing process. Businesses will avoid the expense of holding onto a large surplus without running the risk of manufacturing delays caused by shortages.


Field Inventory from Cloud Inventory

A business may not store all its materials neatly in a warehouse. Building companies may have one-of-a-kind tools that move from site to site. Field-Inventory from Cloud Inventory helps track items held in non-traditional storage areas. Managers can use mobile devices to log the location of tools and inventory. In remote areas without cell service, Cloud Inventory will automatically update when the device receives a signal. Companies will see fewer delays caused by waiting for equipment that should be on hand.


Better Inventory Management in the Cloud

Inventory management is essential to success in the modern business world. Moving from outdated solutions to cloud-based management is a natural step toward improving efficiency. Cloud Inventory software solutions will help companies streamline their inventory processes and improve their overall operations.

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