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Utah Startup Unveils Wearable for Lucid Dreaming

Priya S



Lehi, Utah – DreamRingLabs, a Utah-based neuroscience startup, announced today the launch of DreamRing™, a wearable device designed to facilitate lucid dreaming through magnetic brain stimulation. The device has been developed to revolutionize the world of lucid dreaming by harnessing the power of magnetic brain stimulation to help users unlock the hidden potential of their dream experiences.

Lucid dreaming, a unique state in which dreamers become aware of the fact that they are dreaming, offers a gateway to a multitude of intriguing possibilities. From personal growth and creative problem-solving to conquering recurring nightmares, the benefits of lucid dreaming have long fascinated researchers and dream enthusiasts alike. However, for many, achieving and sustaining this elusive state can be a considerable challenge.

Enter DreamRing™, the culmination of eight years of dedicated research by DreamRingLabs. This wearable device leverages targeted magnetic brain stimulation to facilitate easier access to lucid dreaming, providing users with a tangible tool to navigate their dreams with newfound awareness and control.

To validate the efficacy of the DreamRing™ device, DreamRingLabs has conducted a series of double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.

Mitch Jorgensen, the visionary founder of DreamRingLabs, believes that DreamRing™ transcends its role as a mere device; it represents a pathway to enhanced creativity, problem-solving capabilities, and personal growth. “The potential applications of Lucid Dreams extend far beyond the realm of sleep research” says Mitch

DreamRingLabs is gearing up to unveil the DreamRing™ device to the world in the coming months, sparking anticipation and curiosity among dream enthusiasts, researchers, and the curious alike. While specific pricing details remain under wraps for now, the aspect of a wearable that can unlock the mysteries of the dream world is undoubtedly an exciting prospect.

Continuing to push and research in the boundaries of neuroscience and sleep technology, DreamRingLabs intends to be at the forefront of innovation in these fields and use the devices to redefine the way we explore the world of dreams and consciousness. DreamRingLabs says they are committed to aiding individuals in uncovering the profound depths of their consciousness and unlocking the limitless possibilities concealed within their dreams.

DreamRingLabs plans to fully unveil the DreamRing™ device within the coming months.

For more information about DreamRingLabs and their upcoming DreamRing™ device, visit their official website:

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